Turning Workflow Dreams into Workflow Realities with Symphony Market Solutions

Innovation around workflow automation is accelerating across all segments of the financial industry – from banking to markets, and IT to operations. Workflow automation improves efficiencies, reduces manual errors, limits context switching and generally frees us up from menial, repetitive tasks. It is proven to reduce operational complexity and cost, to help better serve clients with higher engagement, and improve employee productivity.

But automation requires a platform that is both secure and open. Automation also requires a platform that can bring humans and bots together to achieve faster business outcomes. As the industry and our clients embark on this journey, we realized that most platforms used by clients fail in one or more of these dimensions. As the industry’s collaboration tool of choice, we believe Symphony is ideally placed to fill this void and enable our clients’ automation and digital transformation initiatives. To address this need, we released an SDK early in Symphony’s evolution which allows our customers to build bots, apps, and integrations for the Symphony platform themselves.

Symphony clients have already realized the benefits of workflow automation, as we continually see with each new and innovative bot, integration or application developed for the Symphony platform. Today, Symphony has over 250 apps and integrations, and 1,000 unique bots operating on the platform, most built by customers. This number has doubled since one year ago, indicating a growing interest in the financial services community to leverage this technology.

And rightly so. With the workflow automations they are building on Symphony, customers are achieving stunning returns. For example, one client reports spending 50% less time managing email; another has implemented automation that transforms a workflow from 15 minutes to 15 seconds – a 98% increase in speed.

However, while working with clients to develop some of these workflows, Symphony began to recognize a need for Symphony itself to develop a set of standardized workflow automations that could serve the shared needs across the Symphony community.

That’s why today, Symphony is officially launching Symphony Market Solutions, a suite of easy-to-implement solutions that are purpose-built to solve complex or time-consuming workflows. We believe automation should be accessible to all our clients. It is from this idea that Symphony Market Solutions was born.

What is Symphony Market Solutions?

Symphony Market Solutions is a suite of standardized, licensable solutions that facilitate and accelerate digital transformation and workflow automation.

The suite includes: 

  • Financial Services workflow tools purpose-built for automation of trade life-cycle, banking client services and more
  • Enterprise integrations for IT, operations, sales, HR, developers and more
  • Content workflow tools, personalized and contextualized for content creators and content consumers alike

Additionally, we offer a host of third-party applications and bots accessible through Symphony Market, including ChartIQ, HSBC Research, and Selerity.

With Market Solutions, Symphony has democratized access to automation. By offering customers packaged and licensable solutions for the most requested workflows and automations, organizations both big and small can benefit from these amazing business benefits we are seeing come out of innovations around automation.

Why Trust Symphony As Your Workflow Automation Engine?

Collaboration platforms are among the most widely used applications in any company. The right collaboration platform can be the best enabler of automation and digitization as collaboration touches virtually every aspect of a business.

Having built a highly compliant and secure communication platform with open APIs and a trusted community of 425,000 financial services professionals, Symphony is uniquely qualified to facilitate digital transformation of client experiences and workflow automation.

  • State-of-art data confidentiality and ownership in the cloud via a proven end-to-end encryption model
  • Trusted community of 425k+ users where every user digital identity is authenticated and verified
  • Cross-company workflows through the world’s largest financial services collaboration community
  • Rich and purpose built open/REST APIs to customize Symphony to your environment
  • In-depth domain expertise in financial services and enterprise technology

With Symphony, clients get workflow automation and digital transformation platform that promotes:

  • Faster access to business opportunities through cross-company workflows
  • Superior client experiences by unleashing insights locked up in islands of information
  • Value-added work enabled by automation of mundane tasks
  • Higher productivity through the elimination of context switching between apps

In sum: automating workflows help us do our jobs better, faster, and more accurately, and frees up time and energy so that we can focus on the parts of our jobs that make a difference: strategic thinking, planning, and decision making. And Symphony has all the building blocks necessary to help you get faster outcomes from your digitization and workflow automation projects.

Want to know more?

Watch our video to see how Symphony Market Solutions can help facilitate workflow automation for you. Or, find us on @Symphony Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, or visit www.symphony.com/marketsolutions for more details about this update.

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