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Collaborate More Efficiently with Symphony for Microsoft Office™

Vincent Gurle

As the enterprise collaboration space continues to grow, partnerships and integrations are becoming increasingly important in order to truly streamline workflow. At Symphony, we know that you spend time in any number of applications each day, so it’s important for us to support the work that you do in all of them. And who better than to integrate with for productivity than the original enterprise collaboration tool: Microsoft Office™?

Here are a few new capabilities to look out for with our new Symphony for Microsoft Office™ integration...

Escape the Email Avalanche

Some conversations linger much longer than they should in email chains. With Symphony for Microsoft Office™, you can move email conversations into real time by bringing them into Symphony with a single click.

The integration lets you reply to individuals or the entire group in an email chain, allowing you to choose the best way to bring conversations from email to chat.

Dude, Where’s My Co-Worker?

Knowing where co-workers are and when they are available is a fundamental issue that we all face every day in our dynamic workplace. Can I reach Anna via chat? Is Jason out of the office? Is Katherine in a meeting? Knowing the best way to reach someone saves you valuable time in your workday.

With our Microsoft Office™ integration, Symphony is enriched with your team’s calendar information from Outlook & Exchange. When your colleagues are in a meeting, their online presence is updated in real time in our platform. The same goes for out of office events. This lets you know immediately what the best way is to reach, or leave a message, for your coworkers.

Click to Call

Symphony for Microsoft Office™ also couples with industry VoIP standards such as Cisco Jabber, letting you to continue using the communication systems you are used to. Again, a single click launches voice, video and and screen sharing call straight from Outlook via the Symphony platform.

Want to Know More?

Whether it’s chat, voice, video or email, Symphony for Microsoft Office™ enables more ways to collaborate and get work done.

For more information on installation and functionality of Symphony for Microsoft Office™, contact us to discuss.

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