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Symphony Named an Aragon Hot Vendor in Team Collaboration

Anna Parker

Take it from the pros at Aragon Research: team collaboration is no longer an optional tool for knowledge workers; it is an essential. At Symphony, we agree, which is why we were excited to be named a Hot Vendor in Team Collaboration, a distinction given to companies Aragon believes are the most noteworthy, visionary, and innovative in their respective markets.

Aragon has a reputation for identifying game-changing companies as Hot Vendors, including Box, DocuSign, and Fuze. We’re honored to join their ranks. 

In this latest report, Aragon notes that, among all of the collaboration tools, “messaging, the core of team collaboration, is positioned to become a major point of contact in the work environment and will be key to increased levels of human-to-human and human-to-machine interactions.”

This is definitely a trend that we at Symphony have observed. Since last year, we’ve seen a 40% increase in the number of messages sent, and a whopping 128% increase in the amount of bot activity on our platform. We predict further entrenchment of messaging and chatbots in 2019, and the increasing reliance of companies across all markets on the faster, more efficient types of communication that team collaboration platforms provide.

Thanks again to Aragon Research for recognizing us as a Hot Vendor in Team Collaboration! Find us here if you’d like to connect to learn more about how we’re pushing the envelope for enterprise collaboration.

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