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Unleash your potential with the security and confidence of Symphony for Enterprise and Business.

Next-generation collaboration

Minimum license purchase required

Secure team collaboration for enterprise and business

Productivity stack

1:1 chats, multi-party chats, chat rooms

Cross-company collaboration

Secure file sharing


End-to-end encryption

Customer-owned keys

Client-managed data ownership






Audio/Video conferencing

Screen sharing

Meeting recording

Active & passive compliance

Content export

Information barriers

Expression filters


iOS, Android (EMM/MDM available)

Web Client

Desktop Application

Administrative controls

User & company-wide entitlements

LDAP sync

Application controls


Grid view

Pop out chats

Themes & settings


Apps, bots, and integrations

Open APIs

Developer resources

Technical support

Onboarding support

24/7 Symphony, email, phone support*

In-product help


Connectivity options

Open Internet

Secure Direct Connect*


Cloud deployment

On-premise deployment hybrid*

* Premium offering

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Why should I use Symphony instead of another chat app?

Symphony is more than just “another chat app” — it’s a secure and compliant collaboration platform. Communicate with internal teams and external users, and grow your network with Symphony’s trusted global directory. Share documents, conduct meetings, and streamline workflows all on one platform. Use bots, applications, and integrations to improve your experience. Control ownership of your data with customer-owned encryption key infrastructure, and maintain global regulatory compliance through Symphony’s Administration & Compliance Portal.

Of course, you could always just use 3+ different tools to do all of that instead...

How many companies are using Symphony?

Currently, over 390 companies and 400,000 users are leveraging the Symphony platform.

Why would I choose the Symphony Service over the free starter account?

Symphony Service is ideal for businesses who want more control, extensibility, support, and on-premises hosting options. Symphony Service customers will receive administrative controls, active and passive compliance capabilities, access to content export, and support.

Still not sure which is best for you? Talk to someone to find your solution.

Is Symphony mobile available for every tier?

Yes, Symphony mobile is available for all users. Download it for free at the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. There are also MDM & EMM solutions available for AirWatch, BlackBerry Dynamics, and MobileIron.

What are my payment options?

Typically, Symphony accounts are billed annually.

What security methods are used on Symphony?

State-of-the-art encryption and customer-owned key infrastructure are used to safeguard your information for both desktop and mobile. Symphony mobile can also be connected to mobile device management (MDM) or enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions. Symphony holds a number of independent certifications over security and privacy controls, and the security program is based on NIST and ISO standards. Read more about Symphony's security certifications and standards.

What feature controls do I have as a Symphony Administrator?

Administrators have access to their company’s Admin Portal, where they have granular control over user profiles including user onboarding, company directory listing, and user-level feature entitlements. Compliance features such as information barriers, expression filters, data loss prevention, and content export, are also available via the Admin Portal.

Does Symphony have the ability to export my content outside of the platform? What formats can Symphony export content to?

Yes, Symphony Service users can export content in XML or EML format. Schedule routine exports or export as needed.

What compliance features does Symphony have?

Active and passive compliance features are available through the Symphony Admin Portal. Maintain compliance with features like information barriers and expression filters.

Can I delete and edit messages?

Messages can be suppressed by an Administrator, but they cannot be deleted or edited once sent. Suppressing a message will remove it from sight, however, all messages are logged and viewable in content export.

What integrations, applications, and bots are available? Are they free?

All integrations are available through the Symphony Market. Free Symphony integrations include JIRA, Universal Webhook, Salesforce, GitHub, and Zapier. Additional native and third-party productivity, trading, and research integrations will continue to be added. Symphony Service customers have select access to advanced third-party bots and integrations.

Most applications are available in the Symphony Market for free, though several apps have premium versions for an additional fee. Some available applications include ChartIQ, Dow Jones, Market EarlyBird, and Selerity. More advanced bots & integrations are only available to Symphony Service customers, for free or for a small fee depending on the service.

Customers, developers, and partners can also leverage open APIs and open source reference code to create their own bots and integrations to automate tasks and improve workflows.

Visit the App Directory to see a full list of what's available.

How do I get started as a Symphony Partner? Developer?

Want to be a Symphony Partner? Contact the Partner Team. Partners will have advanced insights into how their application or integration is performing. Independent developers can access developer resources, including an extensive library of open APIs and open reference code.

What training materials are available?

Welcome to Symphony videos and training webinars are the best way to get started with the platform.

What kind of support will I get as a user? As an Administrator?

All users have access to the Support Center. Symphony offers global around-the-clock support at a very attractive price. Symphony Administrators will receive training and support from the Symphony Support team.