Streamlining Transaction Workflows

SPARC is Symphony’s proprietary technology to standardize and automate pre-trade workflows, built atop our secure chat and collaboration platform.

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Overcoming a slow, cumbersome process

Many buy and sell-side desks rely on a combination of communication methods to price instruments — legacy chat, email and phone calls — with no way to standardize or automate the process. Manual entries, multiple inputs and limited straight-through-processing is the norm. It’s a recipe for miscommunications, errors and operational headaches — not to mention frustrated clients.

Designed to enhance productivity

SPARC is a multi-asset solution designed for advanced workflows. Built-in tools such as systematic product definitions, assisted data import/export, API accessibility and integration with OMS/EMS providers enhance productivity.

Workflow standardization and automation

SPARC organizes price negotiations in pre-populated, bilateral chats. There’s minimal need for manual data entry and those simultaneous bilateral dealer price negotiations can occur through SPARC’s intuitive user interface.

Security as only Symphony delivers

Built atop Symphony’s secure chat platform, SPARC RFQ communications are encrypted and saved in structured audit logs which are easily accessible, reducing operational and Compliance risks.

Multi-asset RFQ price negotiations

Utilizing Symphony’s secure chat platform, SPARC organizes price negotiations between buy-side dealers and sell side traders in confidential bilateral chats. See a demonstration of a SPARC RFQ price negotiation.

An industry solution

Supported by some of the biggest dealers in financial services, SPARC is a collaborative effort to create an industry-wide standard for automating pre-trade workflows. 

Learn how SPARC can improve your pre-trade workflows.


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