Symphony Innovate

Symphony Innovate

Symphony Innovate brings together hundreds of key financial and technology experts from all over the world to discuss recent industry transformations, and to showcase the latest cutting-edge buy-side and community-built automation, workflows, and use cases to educate and inspire. Watch the replay to see first-hand how industry peers and partners use Symphony to build and run their businesses.


Innovate highlights


Connecting the Community: Symphony Interfirm Workflows featuring Cloud9 and StreetLinx

Gary Godshaw, Symphony’s CRO, Michael Lynch, Symphony’s CPO, and Jim Miller, Symphony’s CCXO demonstrate the newest interfirm workflow integration with Cloud9 and StreetLinx, live at Symphony Innovate 2021. They are joined on stage by Alejandra Villagra, Global Head of Citi Velocity and Digital Solutions at Citi to discuss the benefits of interoperability and the future of technology in financial services.