Research, Identify, and Share

Deliver contextual market intelligence to your clients, when and where it’s needed.

Symphony is a secure communications platform where analysts share information, conduct market research, and collaborate with colleagues on economic trends.

Optimized Workflow

Easily find group and one-on-one conversations by customizing your workflow. Group deal or coverage content any way you choose.

Global Search

Access all of your applications, data sources, content, and communications on a single platform.


Connect with your entire organization using social collaboration tools that track posts, followers, and @mentions.


Subscribe, share, and collaborate on market publications and company reports internally or externally via real-time team and bilateral chats.

Informed Decisions

Follow top traders or subscribe to Signals and watch lists. Watch breaking news and events via real-time data feeds.

Always Connected

Access research, reports, and conversations from a laptop, phone, or tablet with the same state-of-the-art security standards.

Secure Directory

Connect with contacts based on job function, organization, sector, and location via our trusted network of financial services professionals.


Maintain organizational compliance with information barriers, room monitoring, disclaimers, expression filters, and content exports to your archiving and retention systems.

Learn more about the benefits of Symphony for your organization by contacting one of our sales solution specialists.