Portfolio Managers

Grow Your Fund

Connect with your investment team, trusted analysts, and internal and external data sources on a streamlined communications platform.

Symphony delivers a secure communications platform that drives operational efficiency and delivers data in real time, providing instant information dissemination across the marketplace.

Message Validation

Track and verify that important information has been sent, received, and read using secure, one-on-one chats and blast messages to multiple parties.


Create Signals to capture real-time updates on your investments based on personalized #hashtags and $cashtags. Delegate tasks or ascribe urgency to action items using @mentions.


Protect communications with end-to-end encryption and customer-controlled security keys to ensure the safety of your data.


Receive market publications from your sell-side research community and collaborate internally and externally via secure team and bilateral chat rooms.


Maintain organizational compliance with information barriers, room monitoring, disclaimers, expression filters, and content exports to your archiving and retention systems.


Extend the benefits of secure, real-time communications to partners and customers while maintaining regulatory compliance.


Access documents and conversations from your laptop, phone, or tablet, delivering world-wide availability and scalability.


Build stronger relationships by connecting with existing partners and clients. Create new ones by searching our trusted network of industry contacts.

Learn more about the benefits of Symphony for your organization by contacting one of our sales solution specialists.