Market Solutions

Evolving financial workflows through communication-powered networks

Unifying Market Infrastructure

Many financial workflows are large, fragmented networks of people and systems, each with varying degrees of autonomy and automation. Symphony’s market solutions are designed to unify workflows and reduce friction between people and the systems that support them. Built atop Symphony’s secure collaboration platform, our market solutions for Transaction Digitalization and Operations Workflows connect infrastructure gaps and create more seamless interactions. 

Transaction Digitalization

Markets exist to transact. Symphony’s market solutions digitize transactions that are otherwise manual, ad-hoc or unstructured. By incorporating automation and standardization into financial workflows, Symphony helps reduce friction points, connect data and analytics, and alleviate manual errors. Available across a range of turn-key applications and bespoke integrations, these multi-asset solutions are designed to integrate into any financial workflow.   

Operations Workflows

We believe the future of Operations Workflows is powered by technology: seamlessly connecting people and systems, enabled by an intelligent directory, operating in real-time. Symphony is uniquely positioned to help firms harness this future. Our solutions for Operations include tools for client and transaction workflows, helping firms to move beyond email inefficiency, legacy task management systems and non-transparent communication streams.

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