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50% more alert

By 2022, AI-powered automation will handle more than half of all enterprise security alerts.

IDC FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2019 Predictions

Client Research

Try the Salesforce for Symphony integration

Suggested features and uses:



Develop tactical plans using Salesforce client data pulled into Symphony.
Learn about your team
Use /roles command to retrieve the duties of other members of the client team.
Stay efficient in the field
Use /meeting command to send meeting notes by phone into Symphony and Salesforce at once.

Our traders are able to focus on trading instead of paperwork, which wouldn’t have been possible without Symphony.

Gavin Romm

Portfolio Manager – High Yield, AllianceBernstein

Client Experience

Inform your client team in real-time

Suggested features and uses:

Step 1

Create a dedicated client room
Add all members of the client team to the room to for easy cross-functional collaboration.

Step 2

Add a news app
Stream relevant news into the client room using live-feed media apps like Selerity, ChartIQ, and EarlyBird Twitter.

Step 3

Send a blast message
Resolve the issue, then save Symphony’s Root Cause Analysis (RCA) file to ServiceNow for the record.

Apps and Integrations for Sales and Marketing


BFAM Services

Extension App


Extension App

Salesforce™ Integration



Make collaboration easier for cross-functional teams

Suggested features and uses:


Sales Confidential
Develop tactical plans using Salesforce client data pulled into a designated, secure room.

Social Media Trends
Forward articles, share best practices, or discuss social media trends that impact sales.

Sales Broadcast
Issue division-wide announcements to your sales organization in a read-only forum.

What's new on Symphony


March 2021 Community Update

Are you using Symphony 2.0? Don’t miss out, make the switch. Symphony 2.0, our next generation platform, was purpose-built to help front office users, operations, and developers. It includes powerful new features, better performance and new ways to connect like keyword management, message blasts to a folder or workspace, urgent chat alerts and more. Make the most of your day: stay on top of your projects and conversations with Symphony.

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