Episode 2: Navigating compliance parameters and cloud security across the virtual voice trading environment

The institutional marketplace is gravitating towards a more digitally-advanced ecosystem which is requiring greater technology sophistication and, in turn, more stringent data security and regulation parameters. As traders become more comfortable working remotely, accessibility to robust sets of voice metadata for both strategic and regulatory reporting purposes will be very important. In Episode 2 of the Cloud9 podcast series, Cloud9 CTO and Co-Founder Leo Papadopoulos and SteelEye CEO Matt Smith discuss how the partnership that their companies recently announced addresses these concerns and why it’s so important for firms to equip themselves with the proper security and regulatory reporting tools during this transitional period.

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Episode 6: Leveraging voice metadata effectively to streamline trader efficiency & compliance

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As the financial industry continues to transition towards a predominantly virtual environment, institutional traders need to be able to easily access the right tools to stay connected and enhance workflow efficiencies. In the fifth episode of Cloud9’s podcast series examining developments in the voice trading landscape, Cloud9’s Chief Innovation Officer and Co-founder Leo Papadopoulos, and Chief Operating Officer Jim Miller, examine what voice trading capabilities institutional traders must have in a distributed workplace and how a cloud-based platform can provide a more secure, mobile and accessible ecosystem.