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US Next-Day Settlement: The Clock Ticks Closer to T+1 for Europe and the UK

Almost a decade ago, Europe led the way in shortening the settlement cycle to T+2 – a task that required wholesale re-engineering of European market-structure. Mere months from now, European securities firms will again be challenged – this time with the move to US NEXT-DAY settlement. Once more, our market participants face a complete restructuring of entire organisational workflows.


Introducing Symphony’s Media Bridge

Started in 2014 as a messaging platform to enable data security and compliance, today Symphony is a leading common connector for market workflows. Among other things, Symphony provides more than half a million users with secure tele-conferencing services. At the core of these services lies a piece of software tech known as Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU). We call it Symphony Media Bridge (SMB).


Move to T+1 Impacts Securities Settlements Operating Model

The SEC has adopted a final rule to shorten the standard settlement cycle for most securities transactions from two business days (T+2) to one business day following the trade date (T+1). The reduced settlement period is forcing companies to reexamine their post-trade processes and procedures, which include communication methods. This article discusses several operating model changes to help with the transition to T+1 ahead of the compliance deadline of May 28, 2024.


Compliant Messaging: How Symphony enables our customers to stay compliant while using mobile devices to drive business

Over the past few years, I have seen a major change in the way I work – namely, I use my cell phone much more than I did before. I no longer have a desk phone but use my mobile for calls, texts and messages routinely. And I know I’m not alone. As the boundaries between our professional and personal lives further blur together, a trend amplified by COVID and hybrid office policies, phones – or really, the apps on our phones – have become as important as our desktop computers.


Business Cycles & Opportunity

At Symphony, our job is to provide you with the capabilities to be more effective in your role. Through us, you can glean better insights from more of your data. We believe technology should empower the individual and company, helping you create a competitive advantage.


Friction Not Fraud

The Finance community is struggling to adapt to a rapid evolution in communication practices. Technology has altered how clients and colleagues want to interact with one another.


Keeping up with cloud evolution

For better or worse – and perhaps like it did across all business sectors – the pandemic accelerated many of the financial services industry’s underlying trends. Overnight, almost everything was instantly propelled forward. Practices that have been holding the industry back seemingly forever – such as users’ reluctance to adopt technologies that would disrupt entrenched practices, or the way enterprises manage their resources and technology stack – suddenly shifted into high gear. Change became an urgent necessity.


A Communication Transformation: Broader Access to Voice

More than ever before, business success depends upon an organization’s ability to communicate quickly and effectively. It’s clear that the “workplace” has radically changed. This new landscape demands three things from every company’s communication tools: