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With communication-powered networked market infrastructure

The largest global community in Financial Services

Over half a million users
On the platform
More than 1,000 institutions
Served by Symphony
8/10 asset managers
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Find efficiency and innovation

Utilize Symphony to connect and liquefy financial transaction workflows


A trusted directory of over half a million verified user identities across financial markets


Securely meet clients on their channel of choice, such as WhatsApp, WeChat & SMS

Market Solutions

Solving precise workflow pain points across primary and secondary markets

Find efficiency and innovation

Utilize Symphony to enable new financial networks across multiple secure channels

IDentity & Directory

Financial Services IDentity as-a-Service (FsIDaaS) unlocks and extends the power of our trusted Directory to standardize and streamline identity-critical workflows

Networks & Community

A flexible omnichannel approach enabling you to service clients on their channel of choice, including WhatsApp, WeChat & SMS, on your platforms and portals or on Symphony

Markets Voice & Video

Seamlessly and securely move from chat to video or screen share, plus record meetings to comply with key regulations


Essential integrations

Save time, reduce email and drive efficiency








FlexTrade Integration


BFAM Services

Extension App

Jira and Confluence

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Communicate and collaborate securely

Secure bilateral and multilateral real-time chat, file-sharing with built-in security and compliance

Symphony offers encrypted chat-based collaboration to institutions and firms of all sizes, with bots and automation to improve everyday workflows.

Symphony’s strong focus on compliance and encryption dramatically lowers risk and frees up resources your company can use to invest and grow.


What's new @Symphony


The Buyside: A Technology Evolution

The Buyside has undergone a massive evolution in the past few years. Indeed, a radical transformation has re-shaped all asset management firms – and the professionals who operate within them. As a result, the needs of the Buyside are quite different now than they were just 24 months ago.


Maximizing Signal Velocity and Transforming Markets Voice Communications

On June 1, 2021, I joined Symphony as Chief Product Officer – the same day Brad Levy became our CEO. That same month, we announced the acquisition of Cloud9: a cloud-native, API-first approach to trader voice. It was a pivotal month in an exciting and eventful year for Symphony, and myself. One year later, we have made remarkable strides to convert Symphony’s potential energy into transformational value for our customers – and Cloud9, its people and its product, have played an integral role in our progress.


Introducing Symphony’s Technical Advisory Group

Since Symphony’s earliest days as a company, we have collaborated closely with our customers to ensure that our product both addresses their challenges and meets their needs. In that spirit of collaboration and in conjunction with Symphony’s board of directors, we recently formed a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) as a forum to discuss perspectives on technology with our customers and help to inform Symphony’s go-forward strategy. At its outset, the group committed to meeting twice a year to share knowledge and experience regarding technology trends and related Symphony initiatives, as well as to ensure that our development strategy aligns with our customers’ visions.

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