Industry Events

Back on the road!

Here's where we'll be speaking, sponsoring, and
hosting events over the next few months.

Upcoming Events

Open Source in Finance Forum – New York
December 08, 2022
New York
Plato Technology Summit 2023
January 19, 2023
TradeTech 2023
April 17-19, 2023

Recent Events

Symphony Innovators Showcase: New York Operations Roundtable
November 10, 2022
New York
Americas Trading Conference 2022
November 08, 2022
New York
Symphony Innovate New York 2022
October 20, 2022
New York
Symphony Innovators Showcase: Symphony Buyside Roundtable
October 12, 2022
Bank of America Global Markets Innovation Summit 2022
October 11-13, 2022
London, New York, Singapore
Data In Motion Tour – Paris
October 04, 2022
Bank Depository User Group 2022 Annual Meeting
September 25-28, 2022
Clearwater, FL
BNY Mellon’s InspireFest
September 14, 2022
New York
Apidays New York 2022
July 27, 2022
New York
Open Source Finance Forum
July 13, 2022
Cloud9 Innovators Gathering
July 12, 2022
Symphony Innovators Showcase: IDB Roundtable
July 12, 2022
Credit Market Structure Alliance Conference
June 15, 2022
New York
The Finance Hive
May 25, 2022
Symphony Innovators Gathering @SIFMA Ops
May 17, 2022
May 16-19, 2022
TradeTech Paris
May 11, 2022
Symphony Innovators Gathering @TradeTech
May 10, 2022
Symphony Innovate London 2022
April 26, 2022
Symphony Innovators Gathering @FIA Boca
March 16, 2022
Boca Raton
Symphony Innovators Gathering @ MFA West
March 8, 2022
Los Angeles
MFA West
March 7-8, 2022
Los Angeles
Symphony Innovators Showcase: Paris Buyside Roundtable
February 3, 2022
Symphony Innovators Showcase: London Buyside Roundtable
February 1, 2022
MFA Network 2022, Managed Fund Association
January 24-26

Recent event highlights

We may be tooting our own horn here but we think we throw a mean industry event! Check out our some of the on-stage action at our latest Symphony Innovate conference in New York:


Keynote: Thriving through the Fog

Symphony’s CEO Brad Levy kicks off Symphony Innovate London 2022 with his keynote address highlighting the importance of “thriving through the fog”. He’s then joined by Corinna Mitchell, General Counsel, and Michael Lynch, Chief Product Officer.


Enabling Omnichannel Workflows: Live Demo of the Latest Features from Symphony, Cloud9 and StreetLinx

Symphony’s Mario Orphanou and Liseth Lopez walk through a day in the life of a Symphony user, highlighting how its omnichannel capabilities help teams create efficiencies through integrated workflow applications, voice communication, contact identification and directory, and CRM activity. They are joined by Stephane Hurtes, Business Manager for Digital Transformation, Global Markets, Société Générale for a discussion about his firm’s experience on the platform.


Community Innovations: Demo from Cloud9 and Sphere

Symphony’s newest acquisition, Cloud9, the industry’s only true cloud-based, compliant voice trading platform showcases one of their key partners, Sphere. Heather Balfour Ortega, Chief Revenue Officer of Sphere and Robert Sadler, Professional Services Manager, Cloud9 demonstrate the integration which provides a solution for fragmented liquidity aggregation.