Symphony and Cloud9 partners

Partner to connect and build financial markets workflows

From onboarding to trade exceptions, Symphony actively partners with innovative fintechs and global technology leaders to tackle true pain points in markets workflows.

We strongly believe that to accelerate digitization and connectivity for the global financial markets community, interoperability between technology partners and industry participants is needed.

Our Global Partner Network

Digitally transform legacy financial processes into more efficient, fluid workflows.

Symphony Partners

Logo: Adaptive
Logo: Beacon
Logo: ChartIQ
Logo: ETD
Logo: Factset
Logo: Flextrade
Logo: Genesis
Logo: Global Relay
Google Cloud
Logo: Hammerstone
Logo: IHSMarkit
Logo: Inbotiqa
Logo: Interop
Logo: ipushpull
Logo: ISID
Logo: MDX Technologies
Logo: Money Net
Logo: Nikkei
Logo: openfin
Logo: Pre Rec
Logo: Quant Insight
Logo: Quick
Logo: Saphyre
Logo: Shield
Logo: Simplex
Logo: SIX
Logo: Smarsh
Logo: SteelEye
Logo: Symantec
Logo: Taskize
Logo: Theta Lake
Logo: Trade Alert
Logo: Umony
Logo: Unqork

Cloud9 Partners

Logo: 28 Stone
Logo: Addcom
Logo: Behavox
Logo: Business Systems
Logo: Chromesphere
Logo: Citrix Ready
Logo: Citycom
Logo: comitFS
Logo: Cosaic
Logo: Custodia
Logo: Enghouse Interactive
Logo: Global Relay
Logo: Intelligent Voice
Logo: Interop
Logo: IPC
Logo: NICE
Logo: Nuclei
Logo: openfin
Logo: RedBox
Logo: Shield
Logo: Sphere
Logo: SteelEye
Logo: Tallarium
Logo: Carin365
Logo: Theta Lake
Logo: Umony
Logo: Verint
Logo: Veritas
Logo: VoxSmart

Become a Partner

Build your business on Symphony

Why partner with Symphony?

Partnership allows you to engage with customers more easily and connects you with a powerful ecosystem of financial professionals.

  • A new distribution channel to deliver innovations to companies in financial services

  • Direct access to a community of business decision makers who value innovation

  • Competitive positioning through integration of Symphony into partners’ products

Create new apps

Help customers stream info-rich, visually engaging data sources into Symphony workflows. Consult on industry-specific technology solutions. Whatever your specialty, our customers need you.

Build workflow bots

Start building your signature workflow bot today to bring accurate, real-time information to users in context, via chat exchanges, or by other innovative means.

Plan integrations

Open APIs provide opportunities for developers to partner with third-party financial apps, helping integrate those services directly onto Symphony’s platform.

Logo: Genesis

Symphony and Genesis, the Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP) partner to provide the financial markets community with interoperable technology and applications, built and deployed both securely and at speed. A range of Genesis LCAP applications are available to Symphony users.

Google Cloud is Symphony’s primary cloud provider, providing our customers with global, reliable, secure, and scalable cloud infrastructure.

In a highly regulated environment, our choice of cloud provider is vital for the financial institutions we serve. The combination of our innovative and secure communications platform with Google Cloud’s scale and leading AI/ML capabilities provide incredible value for financial services institutions.

Symphony and Saphyre partner to integrate Saphyre’s patented AI technology into pre and post-trade workflows for front, middle and back office teams. The integration creates a one-stop, seamless experience for real-time notification updates for all onboarding and maintenance-related activities and ready-to-trade statuses of funds, trades, allocations, and settlements.

Logo: Unqork

Symphony and Unqork, the enterprise no-code platform partner to solve capital markets business challenges, by digitizing the industry’s critical core processes such as client onboarding, private assets deal lifecycle, client servicing, and trade exceptions management.