Secure, compliance-enabling client communication

Federation with WhatsApp, WeChat, SMS, LINE & voice

Communication without compliance headaches

Non-compliant use of messaging platforms has led to regulatory scrutiny, hefty fines and reputational risk across financial services.

Symphony enables compliant communication across networks, improving client engagement while helping meet compliance and security requirements.

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Reduce friction and stay compliant

Client engagement

Meet clients on their preferred communication channels to reduce friction, personalize engagement and improve the experience and efficiency of external customer interactions

Regulatory Compliance

Capture communications to archive for regulatory recordkeeping and reduce the risk of fines and reputational damage from ongoing enforcements and scrutiny

Data Security

Prevent the unintended sharing of sensitive data with real-time monitoring, surveillance and data loss protection capabilities to meet the stringent requirements of financial firms

Compliant Communication in the Mobile Age

See how Symphony helps firms communicate with clients on their
preferred channels, without sacrificing compliance.

See how Symphony helps firms communicate with clients on their preferred channels, without sacrificing compliance.

Broaden your connectivity

Federation acts as a security layer between Symphony and external channels, providing
compliance-enabling communication across public networks

Featured Image: Federation
Federation Image: Meet on Clients Preferred Platforms

Meet on clients’ preferred platforms

Communicate with any user of WhatsApp, WeChat, SMS or LINE from Symphony, enabling compliant connectivity with global messaging networks of over 3 billion people.

Unified compliant communication

Unify trader voice, mobile voice and messaging with a single phone number*. Call or message clients at your desk or on the go for a consistent communication identity that goes where you go.

*Phone number and mobile voice powered by Umony

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Federation Image: Capture and Archive

Capture and archive

Capture and export time-sequenced conversations and archive with your preferred provider for seamless compliance with regulatory recordkeeping requirements.

Federation use cases


For global and regional banks with maximum regulatory and security requirements – and operations spanning continents and asset classes – Federation enables compliant market connectivity in the context of Symphony’s deep financial workflows and automations.


Enhance customer engagement by empowering agents to use preferred channels compliantly. Scale innovation through hybrid networks using personal devices and integrated tools. Leverage CRM-driven insights for optimized outreach and improved sales and marketing strategies.

Wealth Management

Today’s generation of tech-savvy private wealth clients demand the best advice in the shortest amount of time via the channels they are already using. Differentiate and digitalize the client experience by meeting them where they want to be met and removing the friction of fragmented legacy tools.

Asset Management

Real-time decision making and effective client relationship management are paramount. With single numbers across trader voice and messaging, everyone from traders and portfolio managers to analysts and executives can move efficiently without sacrificing compliance.


From crop yields to crude stock, WhatsApp is where news breaks. Enable and unify compliant WhatsApp messaging and trader voice under one number to facilitate fast communication across platforms, helping stay ahead of volatility and capitalize on fleeting opportunities.


Staying abreast of the latest trends and market movements is critical. Gather data, access external research or compare insights with counterparts via a quick text, WhatsApp message or phone call, helping foster relationships and keep an ear to the street so analysts can stay ahead of the curve.

Simplifying Off-Channel Communication with JP Morgan Private Bank and Bank of America

This content features products and functionality that are offered or being developed by Symphony at the time of recording. Future availability is subject to change.

Key Takeaways
  1. Virtual Numbers provide employees a convenient, centralized and compliance-friendly method to enable compliant off-channel communication.
  2. Call transcript summarization, sentiment analysis, and compliance risk flagging provides end-to-end communications compliance.
  3. Improved desktop application responsiveness frees up screen space without sacrificing time-sensitive access to chats.

All within Symphony’s secure collaboration and workflow platform

Trusted by large and small financial institutions across the globe, Symphony’s proven scalability and security is the leading workflow platform for markets.

Find and connect with over 600,000 market participants from more than 1,000 institutions in the Symphony Directory.

End-to-end encryption, content filters and security controls offer uncompromising data protection and regulatory compliance.

Power deep financial workflows with partner applications, enterprise integrations including Salesforce, and bespoke bots & automations.

AI-powered dashboards turn data into intelligence with tracking of key fundamental factors and summarization of ESG data.

Embed Symphony and its full suite of functionality – including Federation – in owned and third party applications.

Robust, customizable desktop interface and award-winning mobile application optimized for capital markets workflows and communication.

Symphony is trusted across financial services

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