Collaboration purpose-built for financial services

Real-time external chat, voice and video with automations that enhance efficiency

Streamline workflows and achieve new efficiencies

The common connector for market participants, Symphony is where secure, cross-firm interactions take place. Industry-standard collaboration capabilities—including chat, voice, video, screen and file sharing—are bolstered by bespoke bot automations, platform integrations and best-in-class security, making Symphony the industry’s preferred choice for streamlining complex inter-firm workflows and achieving new efficiencies.

Exchange critical information quickly

  • Flexible, drag-and-drop workspaces allow for quick consumption of information to keep up with fast-moving markets
  • Instantly escalate from chat to voice with Instant Voice, helping accelerate issue resolution and time-sensitive interactions
  • Rapidly build low-code, bespoke bots to automate and remove friction from tedious distribution of data or error-prone tasks
  • Customize alerts and notifications based on signals, hashtags, and cashtags that help ensure you never miss market movements

Maximize compliant external connectivity

  • Find, connect and engage with over 700,000 industry participants from more than 1,000 firms in our community
  • From the Symphony desktop and mobile applications, enable compliant connections with clients and counterparties on WhatsApp, WeChat, SMS and LINE
  • Virtual Numbers enable a single point of contact for off-channel communication – including mobile voice – on personal or corporate-issued devices

Open and interoperable

Symphony integrates with industry partners, enterprise applications and customers’ proprietary software to improve productivity and reduce context switching

Bring your tools with you

Popular enterprise applications are integrated into the Symphony platform, allowing users to work in either context without switching between them.

Embed our tools in yours

Embedded Mode enables customers and partners to plug the Symphony platform capabilities into their tools, platforms and applications. See example use cases from Innovate.

Serving the communication needs of financial services


For Symphony, security is non-negotiable. Data is shielded with safeguards like zero-knowledge encryption and access control mechanisms. Essential features such as key-expiry management and key rotations are standard, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information.


Crafted to adhere to regulatory controls, ensure information barriers, facilitate comprehensive auditability, and provide reliable data archiving capabilities, Symphony prioritizes governance and compliance in line with the stringent and dynamic ecosystem in which our customers operate.


Symphony deeply understands market's critical need for communication and is guided by the fundamental principle that availability, stability and resilience are paramount. Our architecture, automated operations, and industry-leading SLAs enable us and thereby our customers, to stay ahead of risks.

Use cases


Accelerate post-transaction processes and communication, quickly find and connect to external operations teams, and automate exception management to streamline post-trade workflows amid tightening trade settlement deadlines.


Track real-time market activity with enhanced hashtags and cashtags, blast intelligence to clients or the execution desk, and instantly escalate from chat to voice for sharing crucial, time-sensitive market color.

Wealth Management

Business communication increasingly takes place on the messaging and voice channels used in clients’ personal lives. From Symphony, meet clients on WhatsApp, WeChat, SMS, LINE or mobile voice while reducing the risk of compliance missteps for off-channel communication.

A financial communication powerhouse

Sophisticated developer platform and ecosystem of enterprise integrations to support complex market workflows and automations that accelerate time to market.

Easily search for and connect with users within the financial services industry, or bulk upload contact email addresses to see who from your network is already in the Symphony ecosystem.

Customizable workspaces support concurrent conversations, notifications, signals and alerts to quickly consume information and prioritize critical tasks. Embeddable in owned platforms and websites for optimal communication efficiency.

Seamless external communication with users on Symphony or through native integrations with popular channels including WhatsApp, WeChat, SMS, LINE and mobile voice.

Prevent unintended sharing of sensitive data with real-time monitoring, surveillance and data loss protection capabilities with granular entitlements at a user, group, division and organizational level.

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