LINE: Secure chat & instant messaging

Messaging for finance and trading teams without sacrificing compliance

Secure conversations on LINE

LINE continues to grow in prominence as a channel for highly personalized business outreach in Japan and Asia.

Symphony federates with LINE to deliver compliance-enabling communication in a secure and enterprise-grade collaboration platform.

Reduce friction and stay compliant

Client engagement

Communicate with clients on their preferred channel, reducing friction and expediting communication


Capture and retain messages to help meet recordkeeping requirements for regulatory compliance

Integrated features

Time-saving, easy-to-use features streamline and enhance client communication

Feature Highlights

Security & Control

Govern users’ access with permission & contact management. All messages are tagged & can be exported to a predetermined archive via Symphony Content Export.

Client Native Experience

LINE’s official messaging APIs enable a reliable, intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Easy Onboarding

Streamline the client experience with fast and secure onboarding through just three taps.

Streamline messaging communications, compliantly

Real-time client communication through individual or group chats.

Send messages with images, videos and other rich content, adding depth to client conversations.

Share and access files easily in chats, making it easy to collaborate and distribute research.

Easily add or remove client contacts individually or in bulk.

Automate routine tasks and workflows through API integrations, freeing up time for more important conversations.

Enable client interactions away from the desk with the full suite of messaging capabilities accessible from the Symphony app.

Built atop Symphony’s security framework purpose-built for financial services, keeping your communications secure.

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