Cloud9 Trader

Cloud9 Trader: Team communication solutions by Symphony

Full-featured turret replacement for trading teams

Make better and faster workflow decisions – remotely or in the office – using Cloud9’s modern turret functionality to quickly connect with internal trade support or external counterparties in a variety of call formats.

Instant voice collaboration to external counterparties

External network

Maximum connectivity to global external clients and counterparties

Tailored call modes

Customizable call modes to complement any trading volume or style

Global compliance

Inherent business continuity compliance, global accessibility

Maximum voice collaboration

Distributed, compliance-enabled workflows are supported by a rich digital feature set, delivering instant connectivity across teams and counterparties – remotely or in the office.

Share critical information seamlessly via voice connectivity – adding speed, efficiency and accuracy to everyday processes.

Rich metadata and interoperability with a full spectrum of industry partners delivers comprehensive structuring and monitoring of voice data – empowering workflow analysis and insight.

An award-winning trader voice application

Cloud9 is honored to be named ‘Best Trading Floor Communication Provider’ for Waters Technology’s ‘Waters Rankings 2024’. This win reflects a significant shift in the market towards cloud-native solutions, and our long-term commitment to state-of-the-art voice workflows for financial institutions and markets, as our platform enables secure, flexible connectivity in a highly volatile environment.

– Michael Lynch, Chief Product Officer, Symphony

Cloud9 Trader - Symphony product demo

  1. Cloud-based voice technology maximizes efficiency by defragmenting communication
  2. Modern user interface provides a customizable workspace based on favorites, frequent contacts and core turret functionality
  3. Compliance-enabled and scalable voice technology connects traders and trader-adjacent teams instantly

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