Trader voice for the non-trader

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Today’s financial workflows are becoming increasingly complex due to the competing pressures of new technology leading to faster execution and the need to ensure that all actions and communications are compliant. In order to keep up with these workflows, the involved participants must become more efficient.

One of the major ways in which workflows and user efficiency lag is the speed of communication. Whether it’s waiting to send that email, needing to schedule that next call, or trying to find someone in the office only to discover they are working from home today, communication speed is where workflows break down. So how can one improve communication efficiency?

Enter Instant Voice. Instant Voice, or IV as we often call it, is the fastest way for users on Symphony – think operations, research, and PMs – to effortlessly communicate with users on Cloud9 – think traders, sales, and brokers – and to communicate with other users on Symphony. With a single click, a no-ring, no-dialing, intercom-like voice call is launched to exactly who you need to talk to, no matter where they are.

Voice is faster than chatting. Instant is faster than scheduled. And no time is wasted to get questions, updates, or any other quick problem cleared up.

Here are just a few of the ways in which Symphony customers are making their users more efficient and driving better trading and business outcomes with Instant Voice:

Tech alerts for the trading desk

Traders on Cloud9
Technology Support on Symphony

Unexpected tech outages on the trading floor can be, or at least feel, catastrophic. Many firms communicate down time over email or chat – mediums notoriously overlooked by traders during market hours. Instant Voice helps traders and technology teams communicate urgent outages or alerts in real-time to facilitate awareness and accelerate issue resolution.

Inform client-facing teams

Research on Symphony
Wealth Manager on Symphony

Always expected to deliver clients the latest and greatest market opportunities, wealth managers must be in frequent contact with their research analysts. With only minutes between meetings and markets’ evolving, Instant Voice enables wealth managers and analysts to connect and discuss developments in real-time, arming client-facing teams with the information to keep clients ahead.

Solving time-sensitive trade issues

Traders on Cloud9
Operations on Symphony

Trade settlement issues are a fact of life, but reconciling these issues faster and with more accuracy is one of the best opportunities to mitigate losses. As T+1 approaches, solving these issues with speed becomes even more important. With Instant Voice, traders and operations teams can connect with speed to clarify where a trade went wrong and discuss the necessary steps to fix it.

Pre-trade market risk assessments

Traders on Cloud9
Compliance on Symphony

Market volatility isn’t going anywhere, and with volatility comes risk. Before jumping into deals, Instant Voice gives traders frictionless connectivity to the middle office, allowing them to initiate real-time risk or compliance assessments to inform if a trade fits within risk tolerance parameters.

From dynamic intercom connectivity within the Symphony platform to full-fledged, cloud-native turret capabilities on Cloud9 – and connectivity between the two – Symphony is empowering institutions of all sizes to modernize their communication to work faster, more conveniently and more collaboratively.

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