Embedded Collaboration

Embedded collaboration platform

Add Symphony messaging to existing applications, platforms and portals

Symphony Embedded Collaboration Platform

Responding to clients and peers in real-time is vital for modern financial workflows. Embed Symphony within your existing applications to unlock instant external connectivity and next-level workflow efficiency.

Seamless Workflows

Via a single sign-on authentication, embedded-Symphony allows you to share content and initiate group chats in real-time

Verified Directory

Communicate with counterparties set up to collaborate externally, enabling access to over half a million users from 1,000+ institutions

Simplified Integrations

Engage third-party technology solutions and bot automations through Symphony’s cloud network and open API delivery

"Symphony’s embedded collaboration platform combined with NatWest Markets’ Agile Markets creates a customer experience that is truly immersive."

Theodore Sicora
Product Manager of Cross Product Sales, NatWest Markets

See it in action

Citi, DTCC and LoanBook demonstrate their use cases at Symphony Innovate

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Real-time client coverage via Citi Velocity
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Streamlined trade matching in DTCC’s CTM® platform
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Modernizing loan transactions with LoanBook

Plug Symphony into your workflows

Wealth Management

High-net-worth clients securely interact with advisors while bots automate and enrich service within your management portal. Client coverage provides instant feedback and communication from Symphony in a dedicated external chat.

Solutions providers

Platform users approved for external collaboration can access Symphony’s verified directory; maintaining context of research, pre and post trade workflow. Solution providers are provisioned to manage their users on Symphony’s open network and extend compliance enabling capabilities to their owned ecosystem.

Client portals

Institutional and retail clients engage and aggregate content within your client portal and glean real-time insight enriched by Symphony’s bot automation capabilities. Brokers and service providers augment insights and research by providing additional context from Symphony in an external chat.

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