Instant Voice

Trader Voice Collaboration Solutions for Financial Teams

Securely Connect Across Chat and Voice

Integrate non-trading teams into voice trading workflows

Fast communication between trading and non-trading desks is vital to streamlining urgent trading workflows.

Symphony’s patented Instant Voice technology instantly connects execution desks with operations, risk, and research teams, to accelerate communication, break down silos, and improve efficiency.

Bring the speed of trader voice to non-traders

Real-time connectivity

Open a live audio channel 6.5x faster than dialing or scheduling a video call, enabling faster issue resolution and reactions to market developments and customer needs

Precision & Clarity

Streamline the transfer of vital information while maintaining workflow context, minimizing the risk of costly mistakes and missed opportunities

Collaboration & Connection

Live-like engagement among remote teams breaks down silos and fosters real-time decision-making, improving workflow efficiency and client outcomes

Enable voice beyond the trading desk – connect sales, traders, and brokers to compliance, tech, quant, risk, operations, and analysts in one click

Instant Voice use cases

Tech alerts for the trading desk

Communicate urgent outages or alerts in real-time to facilitate awareness and accelerate incident management.

Inform client-facing teams

Discuss market developments in real-time, arming client-facing teams with the information to keep clients ahead.

Pre-trade market risk assessments

Initiate real-time risk or compliance assessments to inform whether a trade fits within risk tolerance parameters.

Solve time-sensitive trade issues

Expedite issue resolution, escalate trade breaks, and discuss the necessary steps to fix them.

Intercom-style voice communication for time-sensitive workflows

Launch one-to-one or group calls and dynamically loop in additional participants to foster real-time engagement.

Manage communication preferences with auto-answer, auto speaker, and do not disturb settings to suit workflow and counterparty priorities.

Analyze your conversations and extract critical trading insights with wideband audio, voice transcriptions, and rich metadata.

The trader voice solution for non-traders

Symphony Instant Voice

  1. Escalate conversations from chat to voice in a single click to resolve issues and bring urgency to time-sensitive trading workflows.
  2. Communicate with any user within your firm in the Symphony and Cloud9 directories, individually or in groups.
  3. Stay within regulatory boundaries while rapidly servicing internal stakeholders with optional recording and metadata capabilities.

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