Compliant text message communication

Maintain surveillance. Digitally differentiate.

The Covid era remote-working revolution has led to multiple compliance blind spots from increased employee use of unauthorized communication channels, such as text messaging.

Financial institutions face a difficult challenge to balance business demand to authorize key channels that can drive client engagement and digital differentiation with their regulatory responsibilities to capture and retain communications.

Symphony now provides a solution to enable text communication via our platform to maintain surveillance and drive revenue by capturing client attention and delivering innovation through automation.

Maintain Surveillance

Monitor and retain messages sent via text

Whether company policy is bring-your-own-device or employee-owned our solution enables Compliance to authorize employee SMS communication as regulatory surveillance is covered.

Real-time surveillance

Compliance Officers can monitor SMS conversations live.

Expression filters

Monitor keywords and terms. If an expression is used in a SMS message, it can be logged, trigger an alert or be blocked.

Content export

All conversation history can be easily exported to e-communication repositories or trader surveillance systems.


Company disclaimers can be automatically inserted into employee SMS conversations.

Digitally Differentiate

Drive revenue with a channel that delivers results

Text message or short message service (SMS) is one of the most effective communication and engagement channels. SMS enables you to immediately reach clients who are not on Symphony or who lack a real-time messaging tool and do so in the most convenient and preferred place for them, on their phone.

Less friction

Greater engagement by reaching clients where they are, or drive traffic to your platform or portal – use text to push links to content and updates (and once there differentiate with Symphony chat and bots embedded).

More personal

Text is a more natural, conversational method of communication. Enhance relationship management with highly personalized responses, availability and support.

Get attention fast

SMS is so immediate and effective it can be used as an alert channel to send urgent notifications and time sensitive requests.

Drive automation

Streamline routine queries and requests with automation using Symphony bots to free up time to deliver high-touch value.

Individual & group messaging

Send SMS 1:1 or to multiple contacts at once.

Add automation with Bots

Service low-level requests, interactions and onboarding.

Easily add & remove contacts

Onboard/offboard directly via the Symphony UI or in bulk via APIs.

Text links to files

Message secure URL links for the recipient to download documents.

The Symphony SMS Solution.
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Multiple Channels. One Platform

Centralize federated communications into a single, compliance-approved platform

View all conversations in Symphony instead of multiple silos for less context switching and access to all context in one place.

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