Cloud9 Voice Solutions

Cloud9 Voice Solutions for traders and trader-adjacent teams

Empowering finance & trading teams with compliance enabled cloud-based voice communication collaboration

Empowering finance & trading teams with compliance enabled cloud-based voice communication collaboration

Modern workflows require modern solutions. Cloud9, part of Symphony, is the leading cloud-based, compliance-enabling voice platform purpose-built for high-touch communication.

Our scalable voice technology maximizes efficiency by defragmenting communication and connecting traders and trader-adjacent teams instantly.

Creating the industry’s voice engine

Cloud-based solutions

Distributed, compliance-enabled workflows, delivering instant connectivity – remotely or in the office

Clarity and velocity

Share critical information seamlessly via voice connectivity – adding speed, efficiency and accuracy

Enhanced metadata

Rich metadata and interoperability empowers voice workflow analysis and insight

Connect users across your organization

Break down communication silos and provide instant voice connectivity – boosting workflow efficiency from beginning to end.

Symphony Instant Voice

The cross-organizational solution native to Symphony. A voice solution built-for-speed with seamless transition from chat to voice – no dialing or ringing – enabling voice connectivity to the internal Cloud9 network to break down communication silos.

Cloud9 Desk

A global intercom communication solution across internal teams for trader-adjacent connectivity. Incorporates turret features such as dial tone, hoot & holler channels with high quality audio and built-in compliance-enabling voice capture.

Cloud9 Trader

A complete voice engine for full-featured turret replacement, giving you maximum connectivity to external counterparties. Full suite of call modes to complement any trading volume or style with inherent business continuity compliance and global accessibility.

Bringing Insights to Trader Voice: Cloud9 Transcription and Voice Analytics in Action

This content features products and functionality that are offered or being developed by Symphony at the time of recording. Future availability is subject to change.

Key Takeaways
  1. Transcribe voice trading interactions and extract detailed analysis with models trained atop Google Cloud’s generative AI
  2. Visualize and distribute aggregated trader voice call data and thematic insights with Dashboards, improving trend analysis, decision making and efficiency
  3. Improve audio quality and eliminate background noise via KRISP AI

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