Amenity Key Drivers

Key drivers analysis with Amenity Analytics

Respond to changing markets and client needs with a real-time lens into key equity topics

A fast, accurate, and scalable way to get human-level understanding of key fundamental factors in real time. Use Amenity Key Drivers on any source of unstructured text, including news, earnings calls, SEC filings, and financial documents.

Identify events that affect company health and performance from major themes such as CapEx, guidance, headwinds/tailwinds, wages, margin, and more.

From information overload to actionable intelligence


Decipher text with insights based on fundamental company drivers not discoverable elsewhere.


Uncover risks, triggers, and impactful patterns. Make better informed investment decisions.


Address changing markets and client needs in real time via APIs, dashboards, and alerts.

Key Drivers Use Cases

Business Intelligence Analysis

Stay on top of rapidly changing landscapes with real-time alerts on companies, topics, and trends. Generate better tactical responses and informed decisions.

Deception Detection

Management teams can obscure or misrepresent company issues with deflective and irregular language. Can you detect these patterns before changes in equity performance?

Risk Monitoring

Data breaches, fraud, and scandals are divulged across sources too numerous to read. Cut through the noise. Know and act before it’s too late with Amenity.

Intra-Quarter Monitoring

Analyzing company sentiment and disclosures can require a huge amount of manual effort. Automate the monitoring process with Amenity.

Earnings KPI Extraction

Earnings season requires an instant read on vast amounts of data during the busiest times of the year. Skip the maintenance work and get straight to analysis.

ESG & Sustainability

ESG and sustainability developments for companies can be found in news, filings, transcripts, and hundreds of other sources. How do you form a complete picture?

Business Classifications

Goods and services and business models drive company valuation more than industry classification. How do you track and leverage this in your investments?

News Event Tracker

Events reported in the news may have profound implications for companies. We track the news that can help you measure performance and mitigate risk.

Tagging & Screening

Research enriched with critical metadata improves discoverability, readership, and control. How do you accurately tag themes and entities in your content at scale?

Key Drivers
at a Glance

Key Drivers at a Glance

Our CapEx key driver includes commentary and sentiment in earnings calls on capital spending related to fixed assets (ex. investments, maintenance, and improvements). Polarity assignments in this key factor interpret increases in capital expenditures negatively as they draw down cash.

Amenity’s Capital Returns key driver includes commentary and sentiment in earnings calls related to buybacks or dividends. Polarity in this key factor adopts the perspective of equity holders, meaning increases in share repurchases and distributions are positive.

The Deception key driver measures, monitors, and understands deceptive language patterns—providing insight into how transparent executives are being during earnings calls.

Executive Change includes earnings call commentary relating to changes in senior corporate management, such as C-suite executives and board of directors. Polarity in this key factor adopts the perspective that departing executives are negative, whereas new appointments are positive.

Guidance includes all earnings call commentary on financial guidance and forward-looking language. The underlying event defines the polarity of the extraction.

Headwinds/Tailwinds covers earnings call commentary and sentiment related to events in the external environment that are mentioned to have an impact on the company. Polarity in this key factor adopts the perspective that headwinds are negative and tailwinds are positive.

Irregularities Change includes earnings call commentary on irregular business events such as legal concerns, accounting matters, or acts of nature.

M&A includes commentary and sentiment on mergers, acquisitions, purchases/sales of assets, synergies, takeover defenses, and other matters concerning inorganic growth. Polarity in this key factor adopts the perspective that organic growth is preferable to inorganic growth. Acquisitions are assigned negative polarity, whereas divestitures are assigned positive polarity.

Market Position & Pricing includes earnings call commentary and sentiment related to the competitive positioning of a company and its products or services. Polarity in this key factor positively interprets instances of market share gains, entrance into a new market, successful product trials/launches, and actionable pricing power. Alternatively, loss of market share, instances of product recalls, competition, and drops in customer spending/traffic are viewed negatively.

The Margin key driver looks at the profitability of a business by including all mentions pertaining to margins (gross, operating, net, cashflow, etc.). Polarity in this key factor adopts the perspective that increasing margins have a positive impact on the company’s profitability.

Amenity’s Wage key driver looks at commentary and sentiment in earnings calls related to any impact in nominal or real wages. Polarity in this key factor adopts the perspective that higher wage-related expenses negatively impact corporate margins and profitability.

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