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A ‘people-first’ platform.

Symphony CEO on connecting people ‘with purpose,’ building at scale, and how the timing is perfect for their business, solutions, and the markets they operate in.


Contacts are everything.

The newly appointed Symphony CRO and former founder of StreetLinx on the market, federated directories, and connecting with less friction, more purpose.


We need to talk.

The newly appointed Symphony CCE and former COO of Cloud9 on electronic trading, voice communication and the integration with Symphony.


Build, bond or buy.

The Global Head of Solutions on working closely with Symphony Product and Sales colleagues to drive product development based on market trends, insight and client feedback.


The power of open source.

Dietmar Fauser, CIO of Symphony, hosts a special panel discussion with Goldman Sachs and FINOS, on the power of open source, it’s adoption in financial markets, and how it’s accelerating and enabling innovation across the industry.


Partners in action.

Stephen Murphy, CEO of Genesis, and Krishna Nadella, Global Head of Solutions at Symphony, explain the logic behind technology companies joining forces to provide transformational and efficiency-enhancing services.