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The World Needs Truly Secure Video Meetings. Here They Are.

As people around the world confront an ever-shifting new reality, it is becoming clear that the COVID-19 pandemic and economic aftermath will change the global business landscape for a sustained period of time, if not forever.

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COVID-19: A successful “tech stress test” for financial institutions

As this new strain of coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread from its initial epicenter in China, through Asia, and now Europe and the United States, our customers -who have a global footprint- have implemented their split and remote operations, as has been reported in the press.


Episode 1: 2020 A Trading Odyssey – The Virtual Trading Floor of Tomorrow

As the appetite for anytime, anywhere access to trading workflows increases, global capital markets are transitioning to “virtual trading desks”. While COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst for this structural shift, this transition will have a permanent impact on trading floors. With cloud-based voice solutions liberating traders from legacy hardware to trade and manage business remotely, Cloud9 and OpenFin are playing a key role in equipping the industry for the trading desktop of the future. Cloud9 Chief Operating Officer Jim Miller and OpenFin President and Chief Operating Officer Chuck Doerr discuss how we’ll get there and what we can expect along the way.