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The importance of diversity of thought as firms navigate data democratization across people, processes, and platforms

The value of diversity of thought in business is well-established: Companies where 30 percent of executives or more are women are nearly 50 percent more likely to outperform financially, and 67 percent of candidates consider workforce diversity when evaluating job offers. A range of backgrounds and experiences facilitates creativity, problem-solving and positive outcomes.


How partnerships can enable digital transformation

In a recent webinar, David Gurlé, formerly of Symphony, and Steven Quick, Principal Solution Architect – Financial Services with Amazon Web Services (“AWS”), discussed how many financial institutions are working to transform faster while also meeting ever more stringent compliance requirements on data safety, security and transparency.


Becoming the Underlying Voice Trading Engine

Capital markets have undergone a seismic shift in recent years, particularly with the accelerated adoption of technology and cloud-based solutions over the last 15 months. One thing that has not changed, however, is the importance voice trading continues to play in the institutional landscape. And with the increasing levels of sophistication that are enabling individuals on and off the trading floor to communicate with each other – particularly through more advanced APIs – there is now a greater appetite than ever before for cloud-based trading solutions.


Episode 6: Leveraging voice metadata effectively to streamline trader efficiency & compliance

As the global pandemic continues to force institutional traders to work remotely, firms need to ensure they have the proper solutions in place to effectively capture, store and use voice metadata – regardless of their location. In the sixth episode of Cloud9’s podcast series examining developments in the voice trading landscape, Cloud9’s Product Manager Alex Francisci, and Intelligent Voice’s Chief Technology Officer Nigel Cannings, examine why institutional traders need to be able to leverage voice metadata to make more informed decisions, especially when it comes to their overall strategy and pertaining to the regulatory compliance process in the new working environment.


My Day 1… and a Little Bit of History

Today I proudly start my tenure as chief executive officer of Symphony. I step into this new role with a clarity of focus: I am grounded in our clients’ needs and understand they have choices. I will ensure that Symphony is the best product to fit the needs of our community and tailored to the individual user experience.