Company Values

Symphony has defined a clear set of corporate values. These are more than words. They inform our actions. We set our objectives by them. And we measure our results by them.


Our mission is to enable secure collaboration across global markets. We work through obstacles, adapt to change, and are driven in pursuit of our purpose.


We strive for trust. We are transparent, meet our commitments, and do what we say. Our behavior and tone are trustworthy. 


Security is our key differentiator. The relentless pursuit of security guides our actions.


We foster and share deep market and technical proficiencies. We are intensely curious and creative with collaboration. 


We are empowered and accountable to put our employees and customers first. We are self-critical, learn from our mistakes, and celebrate our success. 


We are a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization that succeeds together. We enable communities. Symphony is how we connect, collaborate, and run our business.