Chekk and Symphony partnership enables access to instant Know Your Business reports via chat bot

London, March 27, 2024 – Chekk, a leader in digital identity and KYC, is releasing ‘Express  KYB Company Report bot’ on Symphony, the leading markets infrastructure and technology platform. This new bot will enable the quick generation of exhaustive real time reports for 450  million entities across 220 countries and territories, giving access directly within the Symphony platform to the information about chosen third-parties including customers, partners, suppliers, and investments.  

The real-time reports are generated in seconds and include key information automatically sourced to quickly get an overview of a third-party, both from a business and a Financial Crime & Compliance perspectives. These include details such as Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs), shareholding structure, directors, financials, and results from Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and adverse media screenings. 

Thanks to the Symphony workflow, these comprehensive reports are easily accessible by the stakeholders involved in counterparties interactions and assessment, such as Sales, Coverage, Operations, and Compliance teams.  

Chekk Co-founder & CEO, Pascal Nizri, said: “In addition to Chekk’s various channels (API, SDK, Web & Mobile front-ends), it is great to now also integrate our powerful corporate data sourcing capabilities into Symphony’s communication technologies to bolsters knowledge of  counterparties, speed-up risk assessment, and reduce unnecessary back-and-forth communication between internal teams and third parties.” 

Symphony CEO, Brad Levy, said: “‘Know Your Business’ is a crucial aspect of financial markets and Chekk’s bot supports firms in making faster, more knowledgeable decisions on who they may do business with as part of their commercial and compliance requirements. This is a strong addition to Symphony’s over 1500 bots that drive our ambition to better connect and accelerate the industry”. 

More about Chekk 

Chekk is a leader in digital identity and KYC, reducing pain and cost from interactions between companies and their Individual & Business customers, enabling better data management for all. 

Funded by HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank, and with clients such as SCB, Bain Capital, FinTechs (Virtual Banks, BaaS, Digital Assets…), the award-winning Chekk Platform (available via API, SDK and front-ends) offers powerful solutions for Instant Know Your Business (KYB), 20 seconds Know Your Customers (KYC), and Data Portability. These leverage modular  capabilities that include configurable real-time risk engine, workflows, automatic visual company unwrapping, forms pre-filling & company documents, customer outreach Web & Mobile tools, multi-lingual AML checks, beneficial owners (UBOs) identification and verification, for 450m entities across 220 countries (with a smart Multi-Sources Engine connected to both live company registries and reputable commercial data providers around the world). Find out more at: 

About Symphony 

Symphony is the most secure and compliant markets’ infrastructure and technology platform, where solutions are built or integrated to standardize, automate and innovate financial services workflows. It is a vibrant community of over half a million financial professionals with a trusted directory and serves over 1000 institutions. Symphony is powering over 2,000 community built applications and bots. For more information, visit 

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