Nikkei and Symphony Announce New Partnership

Providing App Utilizing AI and Joint Marketing for Japan

Nikkei Inc. (Nikkei) announced a new partnership with Symphony Communication Services, LLC (Symphony) which provides a collaboration and messaging platform for financial institutions. Nikkei plans to provide its content to Symphony users. The first phase will be to provide the application “Nikkei Deep Ocean” which is an AI specializing in financial and economic industry using Nikkei data. Nikkei also plans to collaborate with Symphony for marketing in Japan.

Symphony is built to power intra- and inter-company collaboration amongst the global financial services community, while integrating a powerful app ecosystem as well as internal business applications. Founded by a consortium of 15 leading global financial institutions, the Symphony community now includes more than 270 companies and 303,000 users. Symphony already opened its Japan entity in November 2017 and plans to release a Japanese-language version of its platform in 2018.

“Nikkei Deep Ocean” is expected to be listed as an application on the Symphony Market. Users will be able to understand the correlation of various news and undertake corporate actions via the Symphony platform. For example, the users will be able to search on the topics related to specific coverage, correlate with the stock price and news, and search for the related companies using the specific keywords such as “artificial intelligence” or “autonomous driving”. Nikkei also plans to integrate their corporate and industry analysis tool “Nikkei Value Search” with the Symphony platform.

As a Premier Symphony partner, Nikkei plans to support Symphony for broader adoption in Japan using the customer base of Nikkei group, led by Nikkei’s group company, QUICK.