Symphony Grows Workflow Productivity with New Platform Capabilities

New Technology Introduces Solutions for Private Banking and Cross-Firm Institutional Workflow-

PALO ALTO, CA, October 4, 2017 – Symphony Communication Services, LLC announces product enhancements to broaden the reach and utility of its platform and enhance next-gen enterprise collaboration. These additions include its Customer Engagement Platform, Embedded Chat Module, Structured Objects, Symphony Media and its Idea Engine – all built on Symphony’s secure platform, customer-controlled encryption, and regulatory compliance toolkit.

“Symphony’s evolution is a direct result of the power of community, and showcases what can be accomplished when you combine people, technology and platform,” says David Gurlé, Symphony Founder and CEO. “Symphony is now a community of 235,000 licensed users across 200 companies, firmly entrenched enterprise-wide across our core market and now expanding to other parts of financial services like private banking, institutional and e-commerce.”


Secure Customer Engagement

Symphony’s Customer Engagement Platform is a custom instance of Symphony that can be used to provide select external clients with a secure channel to internal employees. Firms already using Symphony for secure collaboration can now interact directly with high-priority customers, such as private wealth and institutional counterparties. Symphony’s extensible messaging capabilities allow highly-customized workflows and contextual content distribution such as inline pricing, surveys and detailed portfolio views.


Secure Chat on Any Website

The Symphony Embedded Chat Module is a secure messaging experience that can be included on any website or third-party application. It is easily integrated to provide secure communication directly with colleagues or customers, and allows businesses to provide real-time customer service via Symphony. These chat modules retain the next-gen collaboration features the community has become accustomed to with Symphony, like filtering and social tagging plus automated bot interactions and file transfer.

“The Customer Engagement Platform and Embeddable Chat Module open the door for Symphony in entirely new markets – extending our platform with new solutions that allow for secure collaboration with high-value clients and counterparties,” adds Gurlé. “The historical tradeoff between convenience and security in digital communications is no longer necessary. For the first time, both customers & businesses have a communication solution which is both secure, intuitive and user-friendly.”

All of these new platform enhancements will be demoed live at Symphony’s annual platform conference, Symphony Innovate 2017, held in New York on October 4.


Enhancing Next-Gen Enterprise Collaboration

Symphony is also making enhancements to its core messaging platform. Leveraging standardized markup technology, customers, application developers and partners can compose rich and interactive software widgets within Symphony messages. These Structured Objects act like mini applications within the message stream and they can be dynamically linked in real time to a company’s in-house and third-party information data stores to simplify workflow. They also support rich data constructs, for example representing securities with multiple identifiers for system interoperability.


Unleashing Community Intelligence

The Symphony Media Platform, the result of collaboration between Dow Jones and Symphony, is a highly innovative concept that aims to make world class content available contextually. The platform is designed to empower smart business decisions by combining internal content, research and news from premium sources with tools that make it easy to find, customize and share vital information. Symphony Media aims to unleash the collective intelligence of professional communities.


Connecting the Buy- and Sell-Side

With this announcement, Symphony introduces the Symphony Idea Engine, which connects buy- and sell-side counterparts with intelligent machine-based filtering via Symphony Signals. A simple workflow lets buy-side users select topics of interest and the Symphony Idea Engine then notifies selected counterparts in real-time. This effectively matches highly-relevant information requests with the appropriate sell-side counterpart for fast and efficient transactions. The “idea flow” cuts through noise and information clutter to deliver “relevance” instantly.

“The Symphony platform creates a social operating system that will forever transform the way we produce, consume and process information at work and at home,” says Gurlé. “All of these latest technological advancements were the result of collaboration with our community, a sign that adoption will be swift.”


Open Source Contribution

Symphony remains committed to the core tenets of its founding: open source and security. Symphony announces two major code contributions to the Symphony Software Foundation, including the libraries behind S2, the Symphony’s next-generation micro-services core platform as well as elements of its cryptographic libraries. This adds to the almost 400,000 lines of code which have been contributed to the Foundation by Symphony to date.

“We are excited to see Symphony continue growing its strategic commitment to open source. Cryptographic libraries deliver one of the main tenets of our community, transparent security, while commencing development of their next-generation platform in the open represents a significant step towards the rich ecosystem of open collaboration we are building in the financial services industry,” says Gabriele Columbro, Executive Director of the Symphony Software Foundation.

Code will be made available by the Foundation at under the Apache 2.0 license.


About Symphony

Symphony is the cloud-based messaging and collaboration platform that connects markets, organizations and individuals, securely. Powered by an open and growing app ecosystem, and protected with customer-owned encryption keys, Symphony’s communication platform increases workflow productivity while facilitating global regulatory compliance. Already the platform of choice for the financial services industry, Symphony eliminates inefficient workflows to boost productivity in information-driven businesses. Founded in October 2014 and headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, the company has offices in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Stockholm and London.

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