Symphony Partner Ecosystem Expands

PALO ALTO, CA, October 4, 2017 – Symphony Communication Services, LLC announces the expansion of the Symphony Partner Program, which powers a growing ecosystem of best-of-breed technology available directly within its collaboration and workflow platform. The Program fosters a community of over 45 innovative companies who share a common goal of developing workflow and content applications and integrations to extend Symphony’s enterprise collaboration capabilities while maintaining security and compliance.

For Symphony customers, this Program offers unbundled access to top-shelf applications and content which empowers institutions and users to customize their workflow. In addition, it gives the Symphony community the freedom to integrate their workflows with existing, third-party enterprise software systems for superior productivity and simplicity as well as the opportunity to create their own innovative apps and integrate them with ecosystem partner applications.

“The expanded Symphony Partner Program opens up a new distribution channel for Symphony’s strategic partners, and direct access to a community of business leaders who value innovation,” says David Gurlé, Symphony Founder and CEO. “Symphony enables and represents a community of innovators – including our customers and partners – who are building the future of enterprise collaboration.”

With the expansion of the Symphony Partner Program, the company has unveiled five program tracks for its ecosystem: Market Applications, Workflow Enabler & System Integrator, MDM/EMM (Mobile) Development, Partner Archiving Solutions and Partner Bot Development. These categories, plus four tiers – Registered, Select, Executive and Premier – are aimed at structuring the Symphony partner ecosystem to better align resources and go-to-market strategies.


Symphony Innovate 2017 Partner Showcase

The Symphony Partner Program powers complementary business applications to Symphony’s platform, many of which will be showcased at Symphony Innovate 2017:

ChartIQ — ChartIQ delivers intuitive data visualization and UI software for finance, specializing in advanced technical analysis, trading configurations, and high-performance charting. ChartIQ’s integration into Symphony provides high performance charting to end users with advanced drawing tools and multiple studies.  Analysis and annotations can be saved and shared in real time with Symphony’s secure and compliant chat environment.

Cognitive Scale — Engage users intelligently at the edge and amplify process intelligence at the core through self-learning, self-assuring business processes. Cognitive Scale products easily integrate easily with Symphony to deliver timely insights exploiting internal and external structured or unstructured data, continuously improving from user feedback, and individualized to a Profile-of-One.

Dow Jones — The Dow Jones News App on Symphony provides users with premium news and analysis from across Dow Jones’ global network, surfacing more than 8,000 news items a day from Dow Jones Newswires, including exclusive content from The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s. The Dow Jones News App combines real-time news streaming with easy search and sharing capabilities, directly within the Symphony environment.

FactSet — FactSet, a global provider of integrated financial information, analytical applications, and industry-leading services, teams with Symphony to put the user workflow in focus; the seamless integration is designed to make Symphony feel like an extension of FactSet products and vice versa. Together, FactSet and Symphony will connect users across and within firms, foster collaboration while maintaining compliance, and elevate conversations with quick access to deep analysis.

Fincloud* — A new Fintech startup providing innovative applications for Chatbots, Connectivity and Machine Learning in Finance. Fincloud’s integration with Symphony has been helping clients provide solutions for Research providers to distribute content (to address MiFID II), migrate internal messaging platforms away from legacy solutions, and create chat bots to interact with their customers.

FinTech Studios — Access FinTech apps, news, research, financial data and analytics from apps, content partners and websites in real-time via the Symphony Market, leveraging big-data, machine learning, AI and natural language processing (NLP) technology.

FlexTrade — FlexTrade’s integration turns Symphony into a virtual trading floor by helping execution desks negotiate and accept fills from the sell-side over chat. Portfolio managers can also interact with their traders via Symphony by loading single names or entire baskets, and then have them report their progress and PnL back in real-time. FlexTrade now supports compliance workflows over chat to avoid any confusion over easily-missed emails or the need for integrated proprietary systems.

Google Cloud — Portfolio of products, technologies and services that enable developers to build, test, and deploy applications on Google’s highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure.  Solutions include computing, data storage, data analytics and machine learning. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) enables Symphony’s customers to scale globally with higher reliability and lower latency, while satisfying security and compliance requirements.

Globanet* — Globanet is a leading developer and reseller of email and information migration, archiving and eDiscovery solutions. Merge1 helps Symphony clients include Symphony communications into their email archive so that conversations taking place over the Symphony platform can be retained, supervised for compliance and searched during eDiscovery.

Harvest Exchange – Harvest Exchange leverages A.I. to help investors efficiently and securely access insights from top investment firms that is most relevant to them.  The world’s most influential investment organizations actively distribute their content to Harvest’s perpetually growing library of over 35,000 white papers, research reports and videos. Harvest provides curated access to this content directly to you via Symphony.

Huddly* — Huddly’s intelligent software-upgradeable platform powers the world’s smallest and most powerful video collaboration camera – Huddly GO. Huddly’s ultra-wide field of view, unique small form factor, amazing light compensation and intelligent software features deliver new meeting experiences which are intuitive, simple and deliver breath-taking video experiences.

IHS Markit — The Markit Trade Manager integration enables buy-side users to manage trade exceptions directly from a Symphony conversation with a counterparty. Real-time collaboration integrated with MarkitSERV workflow allows trading teams to affirm transactions more efficiently, reducing operational risk and increasing operational alpha.

ipushpull – ipushpull simplifies your workflow by enabling secure data sharing directly from local spreadsheets or databases without the need to send files. Share and collaborate on ranges of data from Excel in its original format, such as trade flows, reconciliations and valuations, as well as live-streaming data, such as real-time models, pricing and risk, from Excel directly to Symphony users and chats.

Koyfin – Koyfin is a visualization and analytics application for financial and investing professionals used to provide powerful yet straightforward analytics to every investor. Leverage Koyfin’s suite of analytical tools to track stocks, economic trends and macro developments directly within the Symphony platform.

Market Earlybird – EarlyBird is the compliant Twitter app for finance professionals. Follow anyone anonymously, use AI-powered SmartTracks to deep-dive when other sources don’t give you the full story, and stay informed using financial, economic, or political collections. There’s no Tweeting, no direct messaging, and all received Tweets are recorded for MiFID II.

MDX — The MDXT Connect platform facilitates data Connectivity, Collaboration, Contribution, Capture, Calculation and Conversion or a combination of the above with other adaptations to be announced. Unlike many legacy data distribution platforms, MDXT Connect is rapidly deployable, on premises or in the cloud, minimizing the total cost of ownership and maximizing the value of your data.

Money.Net — Money.Net’s cutting edge workstation platform covers global equities, foreign exchange, bond, and commodity markets. The Symphony- Money.Net partnership enables charts, news, research, market data, and economic/financial fundamentals to be shared with ease in real time. Collaborate with your colleagues and add value to your customers by sharing ideas and strategies without having to switch between applications. Leverage the combined power of two of the newest generation of market information systems.

NexJ Systems Inc. — Enable NexJ’s customer management solutions on Symphony’s secure communications platform to better collaborate with customers and colleagues.

RSRCHXchange — The RSRCHX platform is the research aggregator and marketplace where asset managers can read, manage and purchase institutional research. Sell-side firms can distribute content securely, market their research and comply with the strictest regulatory standards like MiFID II. RSRCHX is available on a browser, desktop app, mobile app and now via Symphony. Easily access reports by chatting with the RSRCHX bot via Symphony.

Selerity Context — Selerity Context is an A.I. powered workflow automation platform that surfaces market relevant Tweets, research, commentary, and news specific to a user’s interests. Selerity also offers a deployed NLP engine (PCE) that automatically captures client interests, instruments, quotes, and trades from unstructured electronic communications between the sell-side and their buy-side clients.

Smarsh* — The Archiving Platform from Smarsh captures content directly from Symphony’s secure collaboration and workflow platform, indexes and archives it in its native format, retaining original appearance and attributes. From The Archiving Platform, users can quickly and easily search and assess the content of a threaded conversation in proper context, with unique characteristics preserved.

Smartkarma — Unlocking the value of independent research, Smartkarma connects investment managers with world leading independent research providers in one unique platform. Now fully integrated into Symphony, the predictive technology matches personalized needs with insight delivery, and helps asset managers optimize their research spend whilst adhering to evolving regulations such as MiFID II.

Symphony Software Foundation — The Foundation, the trusted arena where Wall Street collaborates on open source projects and standards, hosts 50+ Apache v2 licensed projects, including Symphony components, bots, integrations, and developer tools. A best-of-breed Open Developer Platform ensures quality, security and IP compliance for its software. The non profit Foundation fosters a transparent and meritocratic governance, allowing contributors to influence the evolution of the industry.

Thomson Reuters — The partnership with Symphony provides an integrated experience between the companies’ two platforms to enrich and streamline customer workflows, offering customers choice and breaking down barriers to open collaboration. The partnership enables Thomson Reuters Eikon users to seamlessly share Eikon apps such as charts or news as objects via Symphony’s messaging and collaboration platform.

*Sponsors of Symphony Innovate, pending members of the Symphony Partner Program.


About Symphony

Symphony is the cloud-based messaging and collaboration platform that connects markets, organizations and individuals, securely. Powered by an open and growing app ecosystem, and protected with customer-owned encryption keys, Symphony’s communication platform increases workflow productivity while facilitating global regulatory compliance. Already the platform of choice for the financial services industry, Symphony eliminates inefficient workflows to boost productivity in information-driven businesses. Founded in October 2014 and headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, the company has offices in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Stockholm and London.

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