Got a Question About Symphony? Ask SymBot

Here at Symphony, we are avid users of the tools we build for our community. My colleague Olivier blogged this summer about Alfred and Bernard, bots we built on the Symphony platform to provide administrative support for our Developer Certification Program. More recently, we introduced a game-changing bot designed to interact with the broader Symphony community: SymBot. 

We built SymBot in order to connect more directly with our users whether they are new joiners or devoted fans of Symphony. Our goal is for SymBot to provide the information they need to use the Symphony platform more quickly, smoothly, and successfully. For example, SymBot will be able to alert users of new firms joining the Symphony platform so those users can connect with their trusted external network more easily. Ultimately, thanks to the power of APIs and automation, SymBot will be able to field frequently asked support questions.  

Benefits of connecting with SymBot 

SymBot offers a number of benefits to Symphony users, and thanks to its open architecture, we’re continuously adding new capabilities. Currently, SymBot can respond to commands and deliver information to any Symphony user, including: 

  1. Updates on the Symphony community, customized to interests: SymBot can provide updates to users according to their specific areas of interest within Symphony. Through SymBot, they can subscribe to receive updates on events and training, community news, and/or developer updates. 
  2. An up-to-date directory, at users’ fingertips: SymBot can instantly provide an up-to-date list of financial services firms active on the Symphony platform by region, desk, and more. Previously, this list was updated and circulated on a monthly basis. Thanks to SymBot, it will be at users’ fingertips 24/7.
  3. Technical support for new users of Symphony: SymBot can help new users navigate and adopt the Symphony platform more efficiently by providing relevant onboarding tips about settings and functionality.

Traditionally, the above activities used to involve manual processes, including one-to-one conversations across multiple communication channels. SymBot demonstrates how the tools on our platform can use automation to streamline those processes and improve the experience of locating information quickly and seamlessly. 


What’s next?

Since the beginning, we’ve worked in close partnership with our customers to incorporate their feedback and ensure that SymBot is a useful tool that addresses their needs. 

Moving forward, SymBot will play an integral role in the way organizations and individuals adopt Symphony. From delivering relevant information on-demand, to providing instruction and technical support during the onboarding process, SymBot demonstrates some of the ways automation and artificial intelligence can drive efficiency and improve user experiences on the Symphony platform–and it’s just the beginning.

Externally enabled Symphony users can see SymBot in action right now. You can connect with SymBot to chat one-on-one, or add it to a new or existing chat room. The bot will “wake up” via an @-mention, and from there users can leverage the functions described above. You can also provide feedback about SymBot via its own feedback function, which I hope you will do so that we can continue to make it a better tool for everyone in the Symphony community.

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