A Beginner’s Guide to Collaboration

Symphony is a powerful platform with lots of functionality, from messaging to video meetings, chat rooms to intelligent content curation, and helpful applications to transformative workflows. To start, we’d like to help you master some valuable basics so you get off on the right foot, and can build the foundation for more advanced functionality.

Here are a few of the first things you should know. 

How to Kick Off Team Collaboration

Chat rooms are the mainstay of collaboration on Symphony and are perfect for communication within a team or between teams. To start, you can easily create a room with your team members by clicking on the plus sign at the top of your screen and navigating the drop down menu. Make it your team collaboration space by sharing files, hosting meetings with video and screen share, or expressing your feelings with your favorite emoji. 

7e104c5 Form
Start a chat in Symphony.

How to Find Something

With so much information flying back and forth within and across teams, you need a quick way to locate all your most important conversations. Can’t find an important message with your client a few months ago? Forgot where your colleague shared a critical Excel spreadsheet?


We have a solution. Use our powerful search functionality by typing any word or name into the search bar at the top of the screen, to find anything you need within Symphony. You can search for specific messages, files, or chat rooms by keyword, or coworkers and clients by name. With Search, even if you’re juggling between a hundred chats and rooms, you’ll never lose key information. 

Internal Search
Search for specific contacts.

How To Customize Your Workspace

We understand that everyone is different, and prefers things, including Symphony, set up in their own way. This is why we built our platform for a wide range of customizations to help make the Symphony application truly your own.

Themes and notifications are two of our most popular customizations. To pick your favorite theme (Symphony Blue, Dark Mode, and more), head to our “Settings” drop down at the upper right corner. While you’re setting up your theme, you can also choose the level of notification that is right for you, and organize chats in folders as you like. Prefer flashing alerts with a saxophone sound when your boss sends you a message? We’ve got you. 

Customize notification for a chat room.

You’re Just Getting Started

You’re already on your way to improved team collaboration and productivity. But Symphony has so much more to show. You can also add customized applications, bots, message alerts and more, to suit how you want to work.

Interested? Contact us, or visit here for an in-depth look at Symphony’s platform.

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