Symphony Ramps Up Its Innovation Engine

This week, Symphony launched its newest version of the platform. We focused on making improvements in employee and team productivity; digital transformation; securing your collaboration data; and reliability, performance, and scalability (RPS).


At Symphony, our goal is to provide the most seamless, secure collaboration available today to help people work smarter and better, so we’re excited to share what’s new with you today. Here’s what you can expect:




For more efficient communication, we’ve added:


  • Bookmarks to help you save messages and wall posts; add notes to bookmarks to capture action items. For instance, as the head of a business unit, you can bookmark action items assigned to your team for a consolidated view of all projects for easier management.
  • Direct Message Reply to help you ensure that the relevant person sees your message. MDs can use Message Replies in town hall-style Q&A events to answer employees more directly and personally, leading to more engaged employees and organizational alignment on goals.

  • In-Room Search to help you quickly find and review conversations in context. Team leaders can join rooms on high profile projects and search for critical updates or information to get faster and more accurate updates up on key projects.

We’ve also made key UX improvements including adding a consistent rich text editing experience that is consistent across chat, blasts & wall posts; and enables the posting of images and code snippets in wall posts. Additionally, we’ve improved the Symphony Meetings UI – you can now start screen-sharing sessions with a single click, and added contextual labels to meeting icons – and have simplified chat room creation as well.




Efficient communication also means using smart automation when appropriate. That’s why we now offer Mobile Deep Linking into Conversations. Like on the desktop, we now provide a unique URL per chat which gives developers new functionality to integrate mobile applications with the Symphony platform.




To make communications really count, we believe they also have to be secured from hackers, and the data owned by the correct entity. To that end, we’ve added:


  • A Customized Email Policy: BlackBerry and MobileIron admins can now enable or block the opening of email addresses or email links inside our mobile app.

  • Web@Work Integration: To protect against data leakage, MobileIron admins can force web links to open inside MobileIron Web@Work enterprise mobile browser.



And of course, underlying everything, we care that our platform has stellar RPS. Symphony now has up to 25% faster user actions such as quick filter, and switching conversations, compared to previous version.


Additionally, our platform now boasts a 7x better media bridge scalability for screen sharing; it can now scale to 700 users for screen sharing only, or 150 users for full audio, video and screen sharing. The maximum number of users supported in a Symphony Meeting continues to be 25. DLP also enjoys a performance boost from this release.


Lastly, improved Single Sign On (SSO) Authorization Experience with a visual indicator that keeps you updated as it loads, and reduced latency for both Android and iOS apps.


Interested to know more? Watch our video to see these updates in action. Or, find us on @Symphony Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, or visit for more details about this update.

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