GreenKey Research Bot Wins Symphony Hackathon

GreenKey Technologies recently competed in Symphony’s New York Hackathon where they won the Most Cutting Edge Workflow award for their GK Research Bot, created to help increase efficiency between sell-side and buy-side research teams. 

The problem the team was solving for lies in the fact that many sell-side research teams need better engagement with their buy-side clients and buy-side research teams do not have the means to view all the research they want to. The resulting solution to this problem was the GK Research Bot, which summarizes research and facilitates search for buy-side teams, all driven by sell-side curated research. 

Tom Schady, GreenKey’s CTO, provided insight on his team’s bot: “The GK Research Bot allows a user to drag-and-drop an earnings call transcript or other research documents into Symphony – from there it gets processed by our NLP technology and summarized for the user. Our Machine Learning model extracts key metrics and phrases, determines intent of various passages, and performs sentiment analysis. Our bot makes this data available in a structured and searchable way by providing deep links into our model building and editing application, Focus Studio”.

GreenKey is an NLP (Natural Language Processing) platform that takes in unstructured voice, chat, and email, and produces structured output and analysis for Finance and Public Safety. Their NLP and machine learning models understand specialized jargon and deliver value in the form of structured data that powers downstream applications, as well as reports and analyses to support individuals and teams. Schady added that “For Wall St., we help identify missed opportunities; for public safety, we perform 9-1-1 transcription and body-worn camera analysis for police. Both verticals are noisy, jargon heavy environments where real-time results are critical, and GK’s technology excels”.

When asked about their participation in this year’s hackathon and their use of Symphony, Greenkey CTO Tom Schady said, “Overwhelming financial data results in missed opportunities for the trading desk, as well as research professionals. GK NLP is the optimal solution to make sense of these unstructured data and allow you to focus on higher level thinking. Symphony is the ideal interface for all of this – right at your fingertips with a natural language query, you get 24/7 access to the entire suite of GK NLP solutions. 

The GK Research Bot is an excellent addition to the ever growing number of Symphony bots. Its resourcefulness in increasing research efficiency will no doubt be useful to countless clients.

“This hackathon showcased how easy it is to build something of value in just a few hours with the power of the Symphony platform. I am impressed with how far the tooling has advanced in the last year. Symphony’s market penetration is growing, and we look forward to building more and more for our clients in 2021. It was a great team event and we look forward to coming back every year, thanks to all”, Schady concluded.  

As winners of a Symphony Hackathon, Team GreenKey will compete in Symphony’s Hackathon Olympics in 2021. Congratulations Team GreenKey on your excellent performance, we can’t wait to see what you build in the future!

Demonstration video of GK Research Bot courtesy of GreenKey Technologies

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