Registration open for our annual conference, Symphony Innovate 2021. Sign-up
Registration open for our annual conference, Symphony Innovate 2021. Sign-up

Ecosystem is Everything

Join the market on Symphony

Whatever your size, strategy, and specific requirements, we have flexible options to bring your company onto Symphony and into our trusted, connected community

For individuals to 10 users

Have counterparties already on Symphony? Use our community referral program to get Symphony at no cost for up to 10 users

For 1 to 100+ users

Direct, online sign-up or facilitated process via our sales team. Easy and immediate set-up and onboarding

For 100 to 500k+ users

High-touch Symphony implementation and support, best suited to large institutions or by-division deployments

The markets solution

Secure, standardized and interoperable

Security & Data Integrity

Enterprise-level information security. Your content is protected by our proprietary, best-in-class end-to-end encryption. Go cloud or on-premise with key control for true data sovereignty

Compliance & Surveillance

Granular tools to ensure regulatory compliance. Live chat monitoring and capture of all messaging data for easy upload to e-communication repositories or trader surveillance systems

Real-time Interaction

Persistent bilateral and multilateral instant messaging and chat rooms. Real-time communication tools including voice, video, screen share, and secure file exchange

Engage Everywhere

Better engage and service clients. One compliance-authorized platform to communicate across multiple channels and create stickiness with a consistent, omnichannel client experience

Directory & Digital Identity

Our trusted industry directory of verified users and common standards for secure connection across firms, groups and individuals with an authenticated Symphony digital ID

Secure Communication Network

Over half a million financial professionals from 500+ market participants across the buyside, sellside, corporates, securities servicing, and the ecosystem that supports them

Open Innovation

Symphony is an open platform enabling you to build automated Bots to deliver better client and employee experiences, drive business processes and do more with less

Integrate & Customize

The community uses our open APIs to build connection points and deep, rich integrations and can help you build bespoke customized Symphony solutions 

Operations Workflows

We’re creating and partnering to improve pain points across client and transaction lifecycle management, including client onboarding and securities settlement

Transaction Digitalization

We’re building and working with fintechs and industry incumbents to reduce friction and risk in asset classes and transactions that are still manual, ad-hoc and unstructured

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