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Small firms or desks

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Institutions and divisions

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Capabilities & Solutions

A trusted directory of over half a million verified user identities across financial markets. Standardized and authenticated, this digital ID enables secure connection across institutions to enable inter-firm markets workflows and securely connect users with sensitive data.

Protect sensitive messages and content with our proprietary, best-in-class, end-to-end encryption. Meet regulatory requirements with granular compliance tools, including live chat monitoring and complete data capture for audit and regulated user surveillance.

A complete, secure communication stack. Includes real-time, persistent cross-company chat (bilateral and multilateral); file exchange; screen share, and voice and video across desktop, browser, and mobile. Add automation with Bots to service at scale and do more with less.

Use Symphony to securely connect to vast global messaging networks such as WhatsApp, text, and WeChat to digitally differentiate while still maintaining surveillance. Ensure stickiness with multichannel client engagement and innovate with automation to drive efficiency

Symphony is a flexible platform with open APIs enabling applications to be brought in or for our capabilities to be embedded or integrated into proprietary or third-party platforms. We aim to be the connective tissue to enable industry interoperability.

We build and partner with industry incumbents and fintechs to solve precise workflow pain points across primary and secondary markets. From alternative credit loan origination to operations teams struggling with client onboarding we can help reduce friction and risk.