Community Referral

Community Referral

Get Symphony at no-cost. No internal resources needed.

Join the markets largest, most trusted communication network fast and at no cost – request a referral from a counterparty who is an existing Symphony user.

There is no cost to your organization, and as a Symphony managed service there are little administration resources needed 

Symphony will add your users and get them up and running

Submit a referral request by using the form, and Symphony will facilitate with the counterparty requested

Referring Counterparties Include:

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Why connect with your community on Symphony?

Leverage Their Bots & Apps

Innovate without investment  – your counterparties have built tools to provide you with better service and experience. Get their content delivered directly into chat 

Utilize Real-time Chat Rooms

Communicate in persistent, immediate bilateral and multilateral chat rooms to speed collaborative workflows with your dealers, custodians and clients

How Amundi Asset Management use Symphony