Registration open for our annual conference, Symphony Innovate 2021. Sign-up
Registration open for our annual conference, Symphony Innovate 2021. Sign-up

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FinTech Studios

Using cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning, FinTech Studios intelligent search technology, combined with user-defined channels, dashboards and dynamic alerts instantly deliver highly relevant news, research and market analytics in real time, covering millions of public and private companies, people, topics and market events from millions of global sources in 42 languages.


Leverage FinTech Studios within the Symphony platform to monitor the topics you are collaborating on. Instantly share content from FinTech Studios with Symphony messaging, chat rooms, BOTs, supporting intelligent metadata tags (#,$), so your communication is relevant and targeted to your audience.


FinTech Studios Apollo provides news, research, and analytics in a personalized manner letting you customize how you gather market intelligence.


Sign-up now for a free trial, including access to the latest COVID Tracker Dashboards from FinTech Studios with global coverage in 42 languages spanning US States, Regions, Countries, Industries and Topics.

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FinTech Studios Sales:

Apollo News

  • Set up personalized monitors to access precisely what matters to you
  • Track an industry or basket of companies
  • Follow the markets by asset type, region, country, currency
  • Track volumes, trends and spikes surfacing anomalies
    From your personalized news feed select an article to share with your contacts in Symphony through chat rooms or BOTs

Media Coverage: Graphically monitor the pace of articles being published in 42 languages across any company, topic or industry


Relationships: Track the relationships between companies and people based on current and historical news co-mentions

Event Stream: Follow significant events auto-generated from the historical flow of content on topics, companies, industries