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Browsers: Chrome 32+, IE11, Safari 8
Desktop: Windows (Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10)  
Mobile: iOS (iPhone app), Android
Secure Messaging
Find people and connect
(when enabled)

(when enabled)
Manage connection requests
1:1 and multi-party IMs
External Communications
(when enabled)

(when enabled)
Create Chat Rooms
Control Room features
Broadcast messages to multiple users/rooms
Personalized themes
Multi-chat dashboard
Per-User colors
Post to your wall
Follow and "Like" others
Use handles: @, #, $ tags
See when you're mentioned
Create custom Signals
Customize alerts
Rich text editing
Attach Files
(when enabled)

(when enabled)
Track read status
Search - people, messages, rooms
Global directory
Display news reports and share with others
Encrypted chats
Encrypted file attachments
Encrypted Search
Encrypted meta-data
Content Export (XML and EML formats)  
Export Verification  
Information Barriers  
Expression Filters  
Room monitoring  
Audit Trail  
Bulk Account Management  
Single Sign-on  
Assign Roles  
Feature Entitlements  
Audit Trail (user/chat)  
Account and Room provisioning APIs  
LDAP Sync    
Adjunct Systems
Cloud-provisioned Key Manager and Software SM  
(requires VPC)
Cloud-Provisioned Content Export Bridge  
Cloud Provisioned Directory Bridge (LDAP)    
On-Premises Key Manager    
On-Premises HSM or Software SM    
On-Premises Directory Bridge (LDAP)    
On-Premises Content Export Bridge    
Service and Support    
On-Site Installation    
On-Site Training    
Support In-App Help Email 9/5 Phone 24/7

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