Integration for Trading & Finance Teams with SIX bot

SIX’s corporate action integration with Symphony

With SIX Bot, you can access corporate action events easily and quickly. Use simple and intuitive commands to request the latest corporate action events from SIX. The SIX Bot will answer your requests and return the main attributes per event type to allow simple tracking of events.

SIX Bot is easy to integrate and use. You just need to add the SIX Bot to your Symphony contacts and start chatting with it. You can also invite the SIX Bot to your group chats and share the information with your colleagues.

Features and Associated Benefits
  1. Enable quick access to corporate actions related information.
  2. High quality data delivered in a timely manner.
  3. Simple and intuitive commands.

To trial the SIX Bot, please contact your Symphony Account Manager or SIX Sales Representative.


Interested in SIX Bot?

We're happy to answer questions and get you acquainted with Symphony and our family of products including Cloud9, StreetLinx and Amenity Analytics.