Better Engage Your Clients

Provide clients with real-time, rich digital experiences wherever they are,
without worrying about compliance

Messaging Apps

Securely communicate with clients and contacts by text message and popular personal messaging apps including WhatsApp and WeChat.

Portals & Platforms

Embed Symphony into your single dealer platform, wealth management, research or support portals.


Communicate with your clients, counterparties and ecosystem on Symphony.

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Text Message

Digitally Differentiate

Text message or short message service (SMS) is one of the most effective communication and engagement channels. SMS enables you to immediately reach clients who are not on Symphony or who lack a real-time messaging tool and do so in the most convenient and preferred place for them, on their phone.




The world's number 1 messaging app

Engage with clients on WhatsApp securely from Symphony and extend your reach without sacrificing compliance.


Connect advisors to high-net worth clients and access major emerging markets such as LATAM. We can help you explore a range of use cases across wealth management, sales and trading, and M&A deal teams.




Reaching WeChat Users

WeChat is the third-largest messaging app in the world. Collaborate with clients on WeChat securely and compliantly from Symphony.


Client Portals

Embed Symphony into your digital channels

Enhance and differentiate your digital offerings across:

Single dealer platforms:

  • Provide secure real-time chat between clients and sales and trading coverage and research teams
  • Help client research and price discovery and distribution with bots

Wealth management portals:

  • Provide secure real-time chat between clients and advisors/relationship managers/private bankers
  • Automate low-level client interactions with bots

Research portals:

  • Provide secure real-time chat between clients and research analysts
  • Simplify client research discovery and distribution with bots

Customer support sites/portals:

  • Use Symphony as the secure second line between retail customer support and your internal teams
  • Automate low-level client queries and interactions with bots

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