Asset Management

Technology is evolving and transforming the industry. Select the right collaboration platform to take advantage of these changes.

Benefit from market-moving news

Receive prioritized notification of market news for active orders, enabled by customizable alerts.

Collaborate in real time with a single platform for firm-wide and cross-company collaboration.

Share information with traders, brokers and clients securely with end-to-end encryption.

Reduce information overload

Receive content from preferred brokers, analysts and publications using Cross-pod Signals and bots.

Focus on topics relevant to you and your clients with @mentions, #hashtags and $cashtags.

Connect with the brokers and analysts you need at anytime via browser, desktop or mobile clients.

Stand out from the competition

Create solutions for real-time analysis with open APIs and deliver higher returns to clients.

Track collaboration patterns by exporting content and mining datasets to uncover best practices.

Uncover new opportunities by analyzing communication patterns between portfolio managers, analysts and others.

We’ve seen dramatic work change in the past 4-5 months. It has brought a lot of teams together internally.

William Quan, Executive Director in the Markets division J.P. Morgan explains how bots are transforming workflows for the better