Law Firms

Enhance Productivity, Strengthen Security for Your Law Firm

Empower attorneys to work more productively and maximize billing efficiency with frictionless collaboration. Securely communicate even the most sensitive and confidential data within the firm or firm to firm.

Collaborate with All Stakeholders

Modernize collaboration through real-time communication (more efficient and secure than traditional email)

Securely collaborate with all stakeholders: internal, clients and counterparties

Streamline deals and cases by creating secure multi-party deal or litigation rooms

Achieve Confidence and Compliance

Tightly control access to documents and sensitive information wherever they reside

Safely share sensitive information and documents with external clients and counterparties

Simplify compliance with data security and privacy obligations with full audit trails

Designed with Law Firms in Mind

Quickly create secure data rooms where teams can collaborate on any litigation matter

Create virtual deal rooms where attorneys, clients and counterparties can instantly collaborate

Simplify M&A and IPO advisory services by providing a secure virtual space to evaluate financials, review contract structures and more

One in five U.S. law firms—and more than a third of larger firms—were victims of a data breach in 2017

American Bar Association