Quantifying Supply Chain Risk

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Automatically surface emerging risks across financial, operational and sustainability factors.


The Third-Party Risk Management team from a large corporation was tasked with understanding the risk exposure of their suppliers created by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Symphony Insights Platform’s team created a customized NLP model to identify any news story about the impact of COVID-19 on any of 1,200 suppliers to the corporation – turning extracted data into analytic dashboards, and enabling real-time email alerts for emerging risks.

The NLP model automatically surfaced risks according to three distinct categories:

  1. Financial: Business Factors; Business Commentary; M&A; Guidance: Deals: Employement
  2. Sustainability: Climate Risk; Pollution Management; Diversity & Inclusion; Reputational Profile; Product Quality
  3. Operational: Cyber; Product Liability; Legal; Technology; Pandemic


  • Creation of an effective enterprise risk management system.
  • Actionable and accurate business intelligence in real-time from various data sources.
  • Filtering the noise and separating meaningful insight from a sea of volatility.

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