Stop Data Leakage with New MDM Updates on Symphony

At Symphony, we’ve always believed that providing the right security and data ownership controls to our customers is of utmost importance. This is why we invested on Day One to build our entire platform upon true end-to-end encryption and have an unmatched encryption model that operates effectively without compromising usability, including in search and with bots.

It’s why we launched our native Data Loss Protection (DLP) solution last year to help companies detect and prevent potential data leakage and fraud by monitoring, detecting and blocking sensitive data sent over the platform.

And it’s also why, in our most recent software release, we included updates for Blackberry and MobileIron MDM, including that both Blackberry and MobileIron admins can now: 

Enable or block the opening of email addresses or links inside the Symphony mobile app.


Force web links to open inside the proprietary MDM enterprise mobile browser.


This helps our most security-conscious customers prevent data leakage by ensuring that all communication in the Symphony platform stays within their trusted MDM container.


Using Symphony in conjunction with your chosen MDM provider, IT admins and security and compliance officers can have peace of mind that company and customer data are protected when your employees communicate both inside and outside your organization.


Want to Know More?


If you want to know more about these updates, or how Symphony can help your team collaborate securely, you can reach out to our team at [email protected]. To see what else is in included in our latest release, see our other posts about our newest features here.

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