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Customizing Symphony to Focus on What’s Relevant
Alok Pradhan05/16/2019

Chat applications can get busy, and people are starting to take note (as evidenced by this recent Vox article). Knowing this, one of Symphony’s product objectives is to reduce noise in our platform and allow you to focus on what is most important.

That’s why we developed a number of features -- including Signals, Alerts, Aliases, Colors and Sounds -- to help you customize Symphony, contextualize all of the information contained on the platform, and reduce cognitive overload.

Symphony at ANBIMA
Drey Dias05/08/2019
Last week, Symphony was pleased to participate in and sponsor the ANBIMA 10th Investment Fund Congress. We delivered presentations across key topics such as Digital Transformation, Workplace Evolution, Security & Privacy on communication and collaboration. Additionally, we had the honor to host 3 of our Brazilian partners: B3, CMA and Navarra Tech. Each demonstrated their projects to build, integrate and automate processes; leveraging Symphony's open-source APIs and collaborative platform which reaches over 430,000 users globally. Here are some of our top takeaways from the event.
Tips and Tricks for Building Great Bots
Barry Castle05/06/2019

I recently had the opportunity to team up with Vinay Mistry and Olivier Poupeney from Symphony’s Platform Solutions team for a fireside chat on building bots. The Platform Solutions team has spent the last couple of years helping some of the largest companies in the world design their automation strategies, and given the number of attendees, there’s huge interest in the topic from our growing developer community.

Stop Data Leakage with New MDM Updates on Symphony
Devidas Desai05/03/2019

At Symphony, we’ve always believed that providing the right security and data ownership controls to our customers is of utmost importance. This is why we invested on Day One to build our entire platform upon true end-to-end encryption and have an unmatched encryption model that operates effectively without compromising usability, including in search and with bots.

Collaborate in Context with Bookmarks, Message Reply and In-Room Search

Traditional work communication tools can be clunky, confusing, and contextless. Nothing is worse than searching an interminable email chain or being unable to figure out which attachment you sent to whom!

At Symphony, we’re working to make communication and collaboration at work easier and more efficient, which is why we’ve come out with a new software update that includes a number of productivity boosting features such as Bookmarks, Message Reply and In-Room Search.

Symphony Ramps Up Its Innovation Engine
Ken Yagen04/29/2019

This week, Symphony launched its newest release version 1.54. We focused on making improvements in employee and team productivity; digital transformation; securing your collaboration data; and reliability, performance, and scalability (RPS).

At Symphony, our goal is to provide the most seamless, secure collaboration available today to help people work smarter and better, so we're excited to share what's new with you today. Here’s what you can expect: