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Collaborate More Efficiently with Symphony for Microsoft Office™
Vincent Gurle01/16/2019

As the enterprise collaboration space continues to grow, partnerships and integrations are becoming increasingly important in order to truly streamline workflow. At Symphony, we know that you spend time in any number of applications each day, so it’s important for us to support the work that you do in all of them. And who better than to integrate with for productivity than the original enterprise collaboration tool: Microsoft Office™?

Here are a few new capabilities to look out for with our new Symphony for Microsoft Office™ integration...

A Beginner’s Guide to Collaboration
Jason Lui01/09/2019

Symphony is a powerful platform with lots of functionality, from messaging to video meetings, chat rooms to intelligent content curation, and helpful applications to transformative workflows. To start, we’d like to help you master some valuable basics so you get off on the right foot, and can build the foundation for more advanced functionality.

Here are a few of the first things you should know. 

2019: The Year of Collaboration
Jonathan Christensen01/07/2019

The team collaboration market is booming and will undoubtedly be one of this years’ most exciting to watch. As more companies realize the value of deploying team collaboration software, a surge of new startups will be inspired and major market events (for instance, Slack’s recent IPO announcement) will become increasingly common. New ground will be broken, with collaboration tools providing greater efficiencies and organization to users, but new threats will emerge, too.

The Inherent Problem with Data
Lawrence Miller12/07/2018

No one should be surprised about the recent news that Facebook gave some companies special access to user data, allowing them access even after the company had made policy changes restricting it for others. This is the inherent problem with giving control over your data to any technology provider.

Don’t be Slack on Security

It seems like Slack may finally be realizing the importance of security, despite their CSO’s recent public comments dismissing end-to-end encryption. While we found this comment puzzling, Slack’s quick backtracking is even more so.

So is security a priority for Slack, or is it not? Let’s take a look...

Concerned About Protecting Your Data? Collaborate with Confidence with Symphony DLP
Ann Demirtjis11/19/2018

Communicating with customers is critical to your business, but so is maintaining the security of proprietary data and documents. Squaring the two is hard in a world where messaging and collaboration tools allow faster communication and more seamless sharing of data than ever before. Given this, how can security and compliance officers protect employees from sending private customer data, non-public, or sensitive information to the wrong chat room?