Conductors' Notes

Symphony Innovate Asia 2018 Hackathon
Katherine Kilpatrick06/21/2018

In early June, Symphony hosted three hackathons in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo. Over 125 developers across 35+ teams hacked the day away to create integrations that improve business processes on Symphony. Everyone showcased incredible innovations - and six teams were awarded prizes in the Most Cutting-Edge Development and Most Impactful Automation Development categories. Take a look at the winning developments from each region.

The Future is Now at Symphony Innovate Asia
Katherine Kilpatrick06/11/2018

Over 300 tech and financial thought-leaders from 100+ companies came together last week in Hong Kong for the first-ever Symphony Innovate Asia. Twenty customers and partners showcased their custom applications, integrations, and bots, and more importantly, how those innovations are changing the way financial services works. The day was filled with live demos, new ideas, and captivating conversations.

What to look for when choosing a client onboarding solution
Chris Rodriguez05/24/2018

You’ve closed a deal, time to celebrate! But wait - the hard work isn’t over. Now starts the complicated, often manual and time intensive process of onboarding: the process of bringing that new client into your business and building a plan with them. It seems straightforward, but once you get to the client questionnaire, data gathering, due diligence, and approval process, the black hole of inefficiency starts to emerge.

How to Safely and Effectively Use Instant Messaging in Financial Services
Queenie Chan05/13/2018


The way we work is changing rapidly. As many business owners are looking to digitize internal workflows and improve customer service with bots, it is not surprising to see instant messaging (IM) accounts are expected to grow 8% annually, to 8.6 billion world-wide in four years.1 These new IM systems are user-friendly and convenient, but are they equipped to protect sensitive client data shared in regulated industries like financial services?

Wrestling with GDPR Compliance?
Lawrence Miller05/04/2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new data security and privacy regulation for enterprises conducting business in the European Union. It requires strengthening of controls on how enterprises protect, use, and share their customers’ data.

Symphony and “Responsible Encryption”
Lawrence Miller04/20/2018

The FBI has raised the alarm that cutting-edge encryption technologies enable criminals and terrorists to shield their wrongdoing from detection and investigation. To prevent wrongdoers from “going dark,” they have urged those who manufacture digital systems to engineer mechanisms to ensure law enforcement access to encrypted records.