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Optimizing DevOps with GitLab for Symphony
Chad Roth09/18/2019
At Innovate Asia 2019, we introduced Symphony Market Solutions: a suite of standardized, licensable solutions that facilitate and accelerate digital transformation and workflow automation. From purpose-built tools to automate steps in the trade lifecycle process, to integrations for HR and sales teams, Symphony Market Solutions enables our customers to harness the advantages of automation across their organizations—all within the Symphony environment.
One Step Ahead: How Société Générale Stays on Top with SGBot - Live from Innovate Asia 2019
Courtney Duff07/24/2019

Pricing fluctuates from moment to moment. So, how do you stay one step ahead and make trade decisions with accurate, timely information?

At Innovate Asia 2019, Société Générale demonstrated how SGBot provides pricing information, intraday volume curves, market impact estimates, expected residual on orders, and more, all in real time. Read the full session transcript below to see how the team increased the quality and speed of pricing information, improving client experience and overall internal cost effectiveness.
The Future of FinTech with SGX’s Head of Technology, Tinku Gupta - Live at Innovate Asia 2019
Courtney Duff07/24/2019

How will technology shape the future of finance? What will be the impact of fintech companies and industry players?

At Symphony Innovate Asia 2019, Singapore’s top leaders in financial services came together to discuss the role of innovation and digital transformation across the industry. One of those leaders, Tinku Gupta, SGX’s Head of Technology, spoke with Angie Lau about the power of digitalization & collaboration, improving client service, and the future of the fintech landscape.

Read the full transcript of the conversation below:

Information vs. Intelligence: Introducing Symphony Market Solutions Live at Innovate Asia 2019
Courtney Duff07/24/2019
At Symphony Innovate Asia 2019, our EVP of Client Solutions, Goutam Nadella, and Head of Market Services, Sid Nadella, introduced and demonstrated Symphony Market Solutions, our new suite of standardized, licensable workflow and automation solutions. Read the full transcript from the session below:
From Wall Street 1.0 to 2.0: Innovate Asia 2019 Opening Keynote from Davie Gurlé
Courtney Duff07/24/2019

Symphony Innovate brings together a passionate and innovative community of financial services professionals to share new ideas and create connections both digitally and personally. This year, at Innovate Asia 2019 in Singapore, we focused on how the industry is leveraging the Symphony platform to move from Wall Street 1.0 to Wall Street 2.0.

The day opened with David Gurlé, Symphony’s founder and CEO, announcing the company’s latest fundraise, sharing newest innovations, and setting the stage for live demos of how the Symphony community is transforming the financial services industry.

Find the full transcript of David’s keynote address below: 

Stopping Data Leakage Before it Happens? Now, That’s What I Call ‘Poka-yoke’
Courtney Duff07/24/2019

Data leakage happens all too often. Many even see it as a ‘necessary evil’ within financial services when so much information is changing hands between so many people. But is that the case? Instead of mitigating this problem with error-prone, manual processes, why don’t we work toward preventing it in the first place? 

Those are the questions that led Mizuho’s Japan Equities COO, Ren Kuroda, to build the Poka-yoke Bot, shown live at Symphony Innovate Asia 2019. Read on to see how the bot works to prevent data leakage and enable compliance teams.