Conductors' Notes

Symphony and “Responsible Encryption”
Lawrence Miller04/20/2018

The FBI has raised the alarm that cutting-edge encryption technologies enable criminals and terrorists to shield their wrongdoing from detection and investigation. To prevent wrongdoers from “going dark,” they have urged those who manufacture digital systems to engineer mechanisms to ensure law enforcement access to encrypted records.

What’s New on Symphony: Context, Customizations and Symphony Meetings
Michael Chou04/12/2018

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve recently rolled out new features to enhance your experience on Symphony and make your workday more productive. Read on to discover some cool new ways to use the Symphony platform!

4 Ways Asset Managers Can Use Technology to Set Themselves Apart
Mark Johnson03/14/2018

PwC’s 2017 worldwide survey of CEOs from asset and wealth management firms indicated that 65% expect technology to completely reshape or significantly impact competition.*

Work in Insurance? 3 Ways Using Symphony Can Help You
Harry Patz01/05/2018

Those who work in the Insurance industry are no strangers to legacy processes & workflows which often lead to communication breakdown, slow response time, and a lot of frustration. The good news is that there is now a modern solution with enterprise-ready security & compliance required by the industry.

A Look Back at 2017
Katherine Kilpatrick12/27/2017

This year was filled with milestones, accomplishments and most of all, fun! 2017 was an exciting ride and a culmination of all our hard work at Symphony over the past 3 years. Here is a look back at some of our favorite moments from 2017.

Signing off AIM, Signing onto Symphony
Katherine Kilpatrick12/22/2017

By now you have probably heard that AIM is shutting down on December 15, 2017. AIM has left a lasting legacy: its popularization of chat still influences how we communicate today. Socially, we are used to quick messages and instant response. At work, trends are swinging towards enterprise chat, rather than emails.