Symphony Innovate 2023 Recap

This past month, we held our Symphony Innovate event in London for our community of customers, partners and thought leaders. We showcased live demos and new innovations in action from Symphony, 22V, BNY Mellon, CIC Market Solutions, FIA Tech, Google Cloud, HSBC, IG Markets, J.P. Morgan, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, NatWest Markets, OpenFin, RBC, Tallarium, Taskize, and more.

Highlights from the conference

Diving into our Community’s Innovations

Seven customers and partners demoed the flexibility of Symphony’s platform featuring the Embedded Collaboration Platform (ECP), several cross-firm bots and new Professional Services-built automations, as well as a transcription integration with Cloud9.  See all of the videos from our conference, including all Community Innovation demos here.

“I find it very useful as a tool for the front office, but there’s a massive amount of other stuff in there that supplements people can use people in the back office, the middle office. So the depth of information is huge”

— Richard Turner, Senior Trader, Insight Investment

Leveraging Amenity Analytics and AI

Introduction of Amenity Analytics and its first POC integration with the Symphony platform, bringing ESG results directly into the platform using AI and NLP. ​

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Connecting Seamlessly with Compliance-Enabled Messaging

Mobile-only demo highlighted the latest updates in Symphony’s Federation offering including fast onboarding, native user experience, and voice recording.

“Nothing but game changing,”

— Luke Moore, Premium Client Manager, IG Markets

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Flexibility Brought by Cloud9 and Instant Voice

Flexible, high-quality trader voice features showcased with using new capabilities such as Box-On, Zoom phone integration, and Instant Voice. ​

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Introducing the Operations Directory

Unveiled Symphony’s new search & discovery tool to help connect the Operations community ahead of T+1 regulation. ​

“Our operations teams send and receive 15 million emails every month, so for us it is very important to understand what is waste or noise.”

— Vanessa Barade, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan

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Understanding Automation, AI and Acceleration in Capital Markets

Leaders in the industry discuss the role of data, automation, and AI in financial services, and how the industry can best capitalize on these trends

“We can automate some of the lower value, repetitive tasks, such that traders can spend more time with brokers and sales teams with their clients…getting to understand them and armed with the information that they didn’t have before,”

— Ash Booth, Head of Artificial Intelligence, Markets & Securities Services, HSBC

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Be sure to visit our conference replay page to relive the day or catch anything you may have missed! All session videos are also available on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

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