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The industry's voice trading engine

Cloud9 (now part of Symphony) is the leading cloud voice platform for financial markets and the only institutionally compliant voice trading platform purpose-built for high-touch communication between traders and their counterparties. It meets the complex needs of users from the largest global banks to specialist trading firms, from regulated users on the trading floor through to the middle and back office.

Designed to support a distributed workforce, users have access to full voice trading functionality, call recording and fully encrypted trader voice services.

Symphony + Cloud9

Pairing Symphony’s core collaboration and platform capabilities with high-quality trader voice communications will create unmatched combined capabilities for trader workflows and unlock innovative workflow and data analytics solutions.

Voice Solutions


The C9Trader Stratus interface combines both traditional turret functionality with new, innovative, and customizable features to deliver a unified user experience across both hardware and software interfaces.

Traders can customize content to their unique requirements and complex workflows in a logical way – allowing them to instantly connect with any global trading partner – anywhere, anytime.


With a full suite of voice trader capabilities, the CloudHub is a low-cost legacy replacement that provides an unrivaled audio experience, with key features such as a physical dial pad, audio device management and high-quality built-in audio speakers. The accessory hardware includes a high-quality microphone with an active call indicator light as well as support for two handsets.

Voice APIs

Cloud9’s state-of-the-art APIs deliver seamless connectivity to our customer’s networks of financial technology partners. APIs provide both clients and technology providers unparalleled flexibility and access to key C9 services and data, and as a result, drive enhanced productivity across the industry.

Voice Data

The Cloud9 workflow collects, structures and delivers the industry’s most superior trader voice data. This empowers firms to accurately capture voice information for an expansive view of intelligence for market participants across the enterprise.


From our blog

Trader Voice

Becoming the Underlying Voice Trading Engine

Capital markets have undergone a seismic shift in recent years, particularly with the accelerated adoption of technology and cloud-based solutions over the last 15 months. One thing that has not changed, however, is the importance voice trading continues to play in the institutional landscape. And with the increasing levels of sophistication that are enabling individuals on and off the trading floor to communicate with each other – particularly through more advanced APIs – there is now a greater appetite than ever before for cloud-based trading solutions.

Trader Voice

Voice Trading: The Last Frontier of Unstructured Data

One year out from the start of the sweeping COVID-19 pandemic that changed working conditions globally, many firms continue to struggle with how to address the challenges they have faced during the transition, particularly voice trading in what has become a virtual market ecosystem. While every company needs to employ remote working capabilities, there is no question that it is difficult to manage and can create challenges when trying to access and store voice data.

Trader Voice

Navigating Distributed Compliance in Today’s Institutional Landscape

The last year has been a whirlwind for everyone. And while regulators such as the CFTC have offered temporary relief and extensions to certain voice trading and record-keeping rules in the increasingly virtual environment, distributed compliance parameters still remain a pivotal element of the institutional landscape. A distributed workforce is not a new concept in any industry, including capital markets. However, a lot of firms continue to struggle with how to address the challenges they’ve faced in the process, particularly in a shifting market ecosystem. While every company needs to employ remote working capabilities, there’s no question that it is difficult to manage and can create potential compliance challenges.

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